What Up Blood: Last Encounter (Hopefully!)

I decided not to write about other minor uneventful incidents which have occurred involving the gang culture. These events consisted of “ice grills” from gang members with facial tattoos and such trivial chance meetings; I don’t feel the need to waste anyone’s time with these tales. This last encounter will hopefully be my last post […]

Fuck The Quitting Ass Ex-Pope

*****     Before I dive into the controversial heading, I would like to take a moment to discuss my lack of content. February has been a hectic month. As much as I enjoyed living in Los Angeles, we had to make a difficult decision and chose to leave. That’s right; I no longer live in Los […]

90’s Tweets

These are five sample tweets I would have sent, had Twitter existed in the 90’s. I’ll only limit the list to five because I could probably go on forever and that would be pointless! I just think the idea lends itself to some funny tweets. I will also post one response that I would have […]

Chris Bosh Breaks Down And Reveals True Cause Of Abdominal Strain

Originally, Chris Bosh claimed that he suffered an abdominal strain while attempting to pull down a rebound during game one of the second round playoff match-up against the Indiana Pacers, but after some rigorous questioning, the all-star power forward broke down and revealed the truth about his injury. In a shocking twist, Bosh admitted that […]

Troubling Commercial

There are several commercials that are troubling, but recently I saw one that caused me to shake my head. It’s an Audi ad. In the commercial, drivers of other high-end vehicles spot a car transporter that is full of different Audi vehicles. One guy climbs out of his BMW’s sunroof in order to jump onto […]

Second Chance Sunday {II}

This is the most exciting time of the year; IT’S APRIL! (The greatest month!) If you’re a person who lacks the intelligence to understand the fact that April is the greatest month, keep it to yourself; you don’t want to sound like an idiot! (Seriously!) Obviously, my first thought was to come up with an […]

Good Hood, Bad Hood

Recent events have brought up an important question. ARE HOODIES GOOD?      In an effort to arrive at a conclusion, I will post various pictures of hoods along with whether or not I feel the hood is good or bad. You can decide for yourselves. (1) Darth Maul BAD   (2) Grim reaper BAD   […]

Laptop Comedy

     This is my attempt to create an original stand-up comedy set. I have coined a new phrase; Laptop Comedy. (Laptop Comedy is a set that is written using a laptop and posted on a blog!)      Originally, planned on creating a full comedy set, but then I realized that I am not even considered […]