What Up Blood: Last Encounter (Hopefully!)

I decided not to write about other minor uneventful incidents which have occurred involving the gang culture. These events consisted of “ice grills” from gang members with facial tattoos and such trivial chance meetings; I don’t feel the need to waste anyone’s time with these tales. This last encounter will hopefully be my last post […]

A Look Inside

This post is a look inside the inner workings of my mind. There is an ongoing battle between me and my mind, each night. I attempt to go to sleep and my mind wanders into the land of random thoughts. Unless I’m extremely exhausted, at least an hour goes by before I fall asleep. Thankfully, […]

The Dumbest Question Ever

For almost three centuries, students have been baffled by the dumbest question known to man. Philosophy professors waste valuable instructional time attempting to stump wannabe-Aristotles by asking the “unsolvable” question. “Which question are you referring to?” I’ll tell you! Obviously, I’m talking about, “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around […]

Misinformed Children

When it comes to being creative and pushing the envelope, I’m all about allowing artists to use their creativity to entertain their fellow human beings, but there has to be some accountability. As a society, we need to educate the children before we poison their minds with ridiculous notions. Although I am an atheist, I […]

This Actually Happened – May 11th, 2012

***I actually found El Pino from Blood In Blood Out. It was only a stone’s throw from the main office! I must say that it looks pretty cool! I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t even bother trying with my dumb phone!*** I invented a new dish which I later found out already […]

Un-Happy Endings

This post was inspired by the movie The Adjustment Bureau. I never watched the film but it was on while I was taking a nap and I caught some of the ending. What actually happened in the film is of little significance, what really matters is the fact that a man was engaged to be […]

President’s Day

Normally, I don’t write about holidays, unless I have the day off, but I will make an exception. This post will be about my favorite President. (Maybe you will feel the same way I do!) I know what many of you must be thinking; as a minority, living in America, my favorite President has to […]

This Actually Happened – February 17th, 2012

The Weirdest Place In America Yesterday, we decided to go have some wings and watch some sports on television. A few weeks ago, we went to a mall to watch Mission Impossible 4 and we remembered a specific place that would be perfect for the night. Once we left the highway, I saw a Macy’s […]