This Actually Happened – June 29th, 2012

I decided to post this week’s This Actually Happened, today and I will post the new episode of Bagging Up, tomorrow.   Luck Of The Non-Irish A few weeks ago, I was driving on the highway (Speeding as usual!) and something unfortunate occurred. My passenger side front tire exploded while I was switching lanes. Thankfully, […]

Laptop Comedy

     This is my attempt to create an original stand-up comedy set. I have coined a new phrase; Laptop Comedy. (Laptop Comedy is a set that is written using a laptop and posted on a blog!)      Originally, planned on creating a full comedy set, but then I realized that I am not even considered […]

This Actually Happened – Febraury 25th, 2012

B. O. A. Due to the fact that Citizens Bank does not have any presence in Los Angeles, I was forced to open another account. I chose Bank of America because it will be easier for me, when traveling back to Boston. This choice has been a true headache. First, my Bank card never arrived […]

America’s Next Top Rapper

In a previous post, titled Changing Music, I wrote, “if you know of an artist who is indeed blessed with talent, please do the world’s collective eardrums a favor and encourage the individual to put forth their best effort.” (I am going to take my own advice!) Boston is a small city, in comparison to […]

Winter Weirdness

California and Massachusetts are completely at the opposite ends of the country. The people are different, the accents are different, but more importantly, the weather is different. Growing up in Boston, I am accustomed to the unpredictable New England temperature changes. Everyone around the world is aware of the fact that Boston has four seasons, […]

This Actually Happened — December 31st, 2011

Not What I Planned Tonight is New Year’s Eve. I decided that Friday was going to be a relaxation day. I planned on staying home, watching television, and doing absolutely nothing. I left work and purchased some sushi. I enjoyed my meal and planned on doing nada for the night. Everything was going as planned […]

A Thousand Words

Everyone is familiar with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words. In our kitchen, we discovered something else; a blank canvas is worth a thousand words. A year and a half ago, two of my cousins moved into the apartment with me. When it comes to interior decorating, we definitely lack the […]