The Most Interesting Commercials In The World

It is futile to argue, the Dos Equis commercials are hilarious. When it comes to advertising, EuroRSCG knocked this one out of the park. There is no way any beer drinking hominoid can watch one of the commercials and not have an urge to buy a case of Dos Equis on their next trip to […]

Enough Is Enough

If people want to smoke, it’s time for whoever runs The Truth Campaign to shut the hell up and leave the smokers alone. As long as someone doesn’t smoke near me, I don’t care. Everyone had to sit through the educational videos in health class and we all read the brochures. We get it; smoking […]

Troubling Commercial

There are several commercials that are troubling, but recently I saw one that caused me to shake my head. It’s an Audi ad. In the commercial, drivers of other high-end vehicles spot a car transporter that is full of different Audi vehicles. One guy climbs out of his BMW’s sunroof in order to jump onto […]

Who Approved These (2)

Who Approved These Click the link to read the previous review! Due to a lack of interest, I watched less television this week. I’m just kidding, I always have an interest for television, but the departure date for the move to Los Angeles is less than three weeks away and I’ve been busy. For this […]

Coming this week (25)

This week’s commercial review will be moved to Tuesday. Monday’s post will be my reaction to the BIG game. (This will be the most enjoyable post to write!) Wednesday’s episode of the Bagging Up series will be the conclusion of the first season! Season 2 will begin sometime after New Year’s Day! ************************************************************************************************* This is […]

Who Approved These

This will be a new weekly post. There are great commercials on television, but some of the ad agencies are failing to deliver the goods. Creating an entertaining thirty second spot for a product is great, but entertainment is not the purpose of advertising; the point of a commercial is to sell a product. Allow […]