Coming this week (18)

For Halloween, the site will have a costume, and the blog post will be written accordingly.  (In order to view the costume, you must visit the site from a computer, or leave the mobile site and click on the full site!) Tuesday’s post will contain the laws, unless my idea is rejected, or Joan decides […]

This Actually Happened – October 29th, 2011

Jesus’ Biggest Fan One of my biggest gripes with religion is the fact that people are taught to separate themselves from those who have different opinions. A recent incident on Facebook is a great example of what can result from a freshly washed brain. A friend of mine, “Jesus,” posted an interesting statement on his […]

Bagging Up – Episode 5

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4 INT. JUDAS’ APARTMENT The following Friday, the guys agree to meet up to discuss the visit with James. Everyone is sitting in the living room waiting for Matthias to arrive. [The doorbell rings.] JUDAS Finally! Judas buzzes the door open. BARTHOLOMEW So Simon, is everything back to […]

Costume Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I’d post five costume ideas for those of you who are drawing a blank! 1. OOMPA LOOMPA I chose this first picture for two reasons. One: I love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Two: I thought this was the funniest oompa loompa I have ever laid eyes on! […]

Ain’t That Something

To all of my contemporaries, we are now in the age of DUMB! Society has lowered the standards of education once more. When I was a child, I remember students gathering in the summer months, sitting in the town square and transcribing our own textbooks, as our teachers read aloud. I would then join my […]

A Lesson

Heaven’s Angels ***If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you won’t understand what this entry is about!***      As expected, Joan returned the following evening. After some unmentionable activity, she revealed the word of the Lord. Joan: “Before we discuss the laws, I want to talk about responsibility. The old God was patient with his prophets; […]

Heaven’s Angels

Contrary to popular belief, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong; this is one of those instances. I enjoyed my time as an atheist, but the light of truth has been cast upon me. I made the mistake of trying to apply logic to religion because I couldn’t bring myself to be satisfied […]

This Actually Happened – October 22nd, 2011

Phenomenal Woman The title might suggest this entry is about one of the many remarkable females in my life; nothing could be further from the truth. I am writing about an extraordinary woman; she is extraordinarily ridiculous! One of the advantages of a family business is the ability to help others; after all, what would […]