Bagging Up – Pilot

This is the pilot episode for my new series. Like all other pilots, if the story is not well received I will stop writing and go back to the drawing board. (Your feedback will be the determining factor!) This story will follow six friends, all in their early thirties. The focus will be on their […]

“Prom” Night

Today’s post was actually written about a decade ago. I originally had AOL in the late 90’s. There were many great e-mails which I lost after deactivating my account in 2002. It didn’t make any sense to continue with AOL when yahoo and other sites offered free e-mail. In 2005, AOL decided to reactivate everyone’s […]

You Think You Procrastinate

For me, procrastination is not a character flaw which I have to work on; it’s a way life. I am so accustomed to waiting until the last possible moment, I don’t ever worry anymore. I just know that I will complete the task. I am currently writing this post about two hours later than I […]

The Sports Effect

I can’t imagine a world without sports. There are good days and bad days for sports fans. Yesterday was a great day. The only thing that makes me happier than watching my favorite team win, is watching a hated rival lose. (I honestly think I hate the Patriots more than I like the Broncos!) ***THANK […]

Coming this week (13)

For this week’s entries: I will post an e-mail to a friend which I sent following an “interesting” experience that occurred in 1999. This post will show that my style of storytelling has been with me for years. I actually wrote these for sheer fun! I’ll also discuss bullying. Is it a rite of passage, […]

This Actually happened – September 24th, 2011

Only In New York New Jersey On Monday, I traveled to New Jersey for Monday Night Football. The New York Giants were hosting the St. Louis Rams. (Yes, the New York football teams play in New Jersey!) No, I haven’t switched my allegiance; I am still a loyal Broncos fan. My cousin‘s boyfriend plays for […]

Georgia, Texas, & Arizona Get It Right

I honestly never heard of Troy Davis prior to yesterday. I decided to Google his name once my Facebook and Twitter pages were full of supportive posts. I was so annoyed when I discovered the facts; people are outrageous. The guy is a convicted killer! Tell me if you ever heard this from an inmate. […]

The Best Tasting Chicken

For me, food is not a big deal. I eat because I have to. I don’t usually compare or rank different dishes; food is either good or bad. That being said, I had the pleasure of enjoying the world’s best tasting chicken. I don’t care for poultry; I am a seafood guy. Like any other […]

Road Trip: Atlanta

Sometimes, life can cause people to forget the importance of friendship. Here is a throwback story of a simpler time. In the spring of 2000, my friends and I embarked on a road trip to Georgia’s capital city, Atlanta. Have you ever wondered what happens when 8 Massholes decide to rent a minivan and visit […]