Coming this week (18)

For Halloween, the site will have a costume, and the blog post will be written accordingly.  (In order to view the costume, you must visit the site from a computer, or leave the mobile site and click on the full site!)

Tuesday’s post will contain the laws, unless my idea is rejected, or Joan decides not to show up.

I will also write about a great television program, Family Feud.

As always, a new episode of Bagging Up will be up on Friday.

If you want a laugh, read this short poem from a blog I follow! *Across the road from me…*

Enjoy your Sunday and be sure to watch the great Tim Tebow destroy the Detroit Lionesses!

Thanks for continuing to read!



2 responses to “Coming this week (18)

  1. She better show up…she can’t stop now!

    I’ve always enjoyed watching Family Feud, but I have a problem with the scoring system and I think the surveys are bogus… I won’t say anymore. Hopefully you’ll touch on those two parts of the game.

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