Time’s A Wasting

I’m sure most Celtics fans gathered with some of their favorite people to watch game seven in hopes of seeing a big win; I did no such thing. I turned on the game with a little over 5 minutes remaining in the first half. The team looked as if they flew to Miami with a […]

When WWJD Goes Bad

Most people are familiar with the New York mafia. The Commission, made up of the Five Families ruled the underworld with the precision of a hidden underground mafia organization. (Sometimes, I just don’t feel like coming up with analogies!) What people fail to realize is the fact that there was one ruling family, The Vaticano, […]

There Is Nothing To Fear

Recently, I received a recommendation to review an article from PsychologyToday.com. The piece was written by Dr. Ken Eisold and titled The Fear of Atheism. Apparently, the United States has more in common with “lesser developed” nations, than other “Western” countries. Basically, Dr. Eisold believes that most Americans are overly religious and afraid of atheists. […]

The Devil Inside

A few days ago, a friend of mine recommended this movie and I agreed to write about my thoughts. In the past, movies about exorcism would scare the bejesus out of me. (Is the word bejesus blasphemous?) If you look back at most of the exorcism horror films, you will notice that they are pretty […]

A Challenge

     I don’t like the fact that “god’s” existence is something that can be questioned. Human beings should be able to come to an agreement on this issue. Since my birthday is fast approaching, I created a challenge which will help to answer the question, once and for all. I wanted to attend mass today […]

Second Chance Sunday {III}

I don’t celebrate Easter, but I know many people who do so Happy Easter to those who believe. Here is a hilarious, Easter related, picture. You can’t argue with the guy! FYI: If you come across a man with holes in his hands and feet, don’t thank him for dying on the cross for your […]

Why My Friends Don’t Like “god”

HBO is airing a new documentary called God is the Bigger Elvis. Obviously, I had to watch it and the film caused me to feel cheated. Allow me to explain. I grew up in a large Catholic community. Sunday mass was filled with thousands of people. In addition to the regular mass, the church also […]

Sports and Religion

There is no correlation. Success in sports takes hard work and dedication, while religion is simply based on an overactive imagination. (It’s really for the children!) The Great Tim Tebow has it right. He is a religious individual, who follows what he believes. I love when religious people say, “Tebow is too much.” (I thought […]