From Catholicism To Atheism

I sat down in front of my computer and wrote pages of information about my conversion from Christianity to Atheism. I wrote paragraphs upon paragraphs, and every one fell short of the objective. Each paragraph failed to convey my true feelings. After awhile, I realized the problem. I can’t explain the process of being enlightened; it’s simply impossible. Either a person reaches the level of awakening that I have achieved, or not. Who am I to convert the ignorant?

I spent over fifteen years removing the beliefs of Catholicism from my mind. How can I express the process of becoming awakened to a person who is asleep? IMPOSSIBLE! If anyone has a desire to hear the story of my conversion, ask me and we can converse in person. Even then, I feel a believer cannot completely understand what it means to be an atheist.

An atheist is defined as a person who doesn’t believe in  “god,” but it is far more than that. A true atheist must understand why “god” cannot exist; there is no belief. We simply know! The same way Galileo knew the earth revolved around the sun, an atheist knows “god” exists only in myth. Thankfully, I do not live in a time when the church has any true power.

I often read stories about atheists who convert back to some sort of belief system, but that is an impossibility. The ones who make these false claims never reached the true understanding of atheism. Unfortunately for those who are non-believers, atheism cannot be explained. The information is readily available, it is up to each individual to discover the truth!

If you honestly believe in your faith and you have a desire to save me, please allow me to go to Hell. I don’t mind! I can be an atheist without you agreeing with me, why can’t you be a believer without me agreeing with you?

I live in a world of believers, and my knowledge is challenged on a daily basis. Some people may find my posts to be offensive, but I am offended when people are afraid to challenge their faith. I know that I call believers idiots, but what am I supposed to make of someone who doesn’t even understand his or her own faith. (If you’ve never read the bible from cover to cover, please shut the fuck up about your faith. How can someone believe in a religion and not read the most important text?)

A clear example of this is the so-called Catholic who believes in abortion. I must have missed the part of Catholicism which allowed for followers to question the Pope. The basis of the religion is the fact that the Conclave members are guided by “god” when choosing a new Pontiff; and the lord speaks through the new leader. I don’t care what your beliefs are concerning abortion but if you are Catholic, Pope Benny tells you what to believe; there is no free will. (If you ever tell me that you are a Catholic but you are pro-choice, YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!!!)

Please do me a favor. Study your faith, then we can have an intelligent conversation about belief!

It’s hilarious when one of the hungry-hungry hippo-crites discovers I’m an atheist and attempts to chastise me.

“How can you not believe in ‘god’?” Simple! He doesn’t exist!

Now can you answer one of my questions?

“Sir, how can you challenge my morals when you practice pre-marital sex and have children out of wedlock?”

“And I guess you’re right ma’am, I’m evil, but how can you walk up the isle and eat the body of Christ, hung-over with semen and vodka fresh on your breath?”

“Only god can judge you.” No! I’ll have something to say about how you live!

Judge me and I’ll judge you back!!!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Bravo…., but it sounds like you became atheist because of all the bad Catholics out here? I don’t claim catholicism, cause I know most of the nonsense was written by man… serious the story of Adam and Eve, GOD made Eve for Adam’s companion, both nude. Adam had penis, eve a vagina. Never read that they was married. God suppose to be a forgiving God, but Eve’s 1st mistake.., Mankind got punished…smh kicked out of the “Fun Place” (Garden of Eden)

    I recently lost my “Faith” so far so good….

    1. I believe that Catholicism drove me to atheism. If Catholics followed Christ and left others alone, I wouldn’t have searched for the truth. When people constantly tell you that you are going to Hell, or that your car accident was the result of not going to church, the natural instinct is to learn all of the falsities of their faith and throw it back in their face. (It’s impossible for any man to discover all of the problems with Catholicism, they are too vast!)

  2. I, myself had a conversation with a non-belever recently and as he spoke I decided to listen while not judging. After the talk I took the whole idea into consideration and all of a sudden it hit me! This may sound crazy but in my case religion -faith was causing my long-lived depression and suffering. I realized that iI never made the strongest decisions for myself out of the fear of being punished. I had pre-marital sex and felt that to pay for my sin I with stay in an abusive relationship. I figured I would suffer to show God how sorry I wasstay with one person so that I am not judge and this was field day to him. I watched my best friend decide to keep a baby she could never support because she was scared of going to hell. Now she has an addiction to crack trying to deal with the streess and the baby is motherless. I realized that I needed to start to make decisions for myself. If I wanted to get out of an abusive relationship I had to leave not pray about it.If I wanted to ace a testI had to buckle down study not pray about it. I gained control over my life and the “depression I faced. Life is so much better for me. I feel free and stronger than ever to face life. One good thing is I am now a good person because of my years of faith. I do what’s right naturally.


    1. I think religion is fine for old people who have nothing better to do with their lives. The hatred that exists in this world because of religion is unbelievable. Families are torn apart because people are taught these ridiculous rules that are impossible to live up to. Think about all of the people in the world who are alone, with no family support, because they have committed acts which were considered wrong to a certain faith. It’s a shame!!!

  4. Your entries are good and thought provoking but it be even better if those that completely disagree w/u or think you’re an idiot would get the balls and comment!!! This blog is way too lovey dovey! All of us that comment, pretty much enjoy the entries even if we may slightly disagree. Come on ppl let’s shake it up!! Let’s get some drama and debate going on Peter’s blog! Tell him what a dumbass he is…you won’t be telling him anything new! Anyway, your road to atheism is yet another subject to discuss in person Peter, get the Patron ready 😉

    1. I’m ready for the discussion. I agree that people should stop being afraid to comment. Dare I say, they secretly agree!!! (I would love it if someone thought I was a dumbass and said so!)

  5. I agree Jess…. LOL. I started to give shit to some of the comments made for the cheating blog but I didn’t want to hurt any feelings. I’ll say It now the dudes that commented on that blog “trying” to defend cheating are clowns. They need to broaden their minds and stop letting their preverted desires control them. If you are a freak it’s ok just be a freak with one person. If you’re a nasty slut that’s ok too but keep your slutty ways and STDs away from the loyal ppl you don’t deserve! Amen!

  6. Although I believe in divine intervention, I’m am humble enough to admit that I do not quite understand how it works and why. I really believe that no one here on Earth knows the truth and all should find their own way and something that works for them. If it works for you, great! Do not attempt to force your beliefs on others. It’s fucking annoying. Like Peter says, study. If you come back feeling the same, fine! At least check the shit out…

  7. Yea Antoinette, its like Peter said in both the case of religion and relationships, its live and let live. Peter, you’re a dumbass…you’re welcome!

  8. I believe people misinterpret who God really is. He is love. If a believer is telling you a car accident was caused because you haven’t been to church is wrong. God would never cause that to happen. God would never want you to be in an abusive relationship. As the matter of fact in the New Testament it says that’s it’s ok to leave your spouse if he’s abusing you. God would never want you to live your life in guilt. These people are being hypocrites and misinterpreting who God really is. I believe in God and have faith and I don’t believe in Him because people have told me to but because I chose to. Just like you, I’ve read the bible and do my own research. In the same way there is a God, there is also the devil, satan, he’s also going to mess up with your head giving you false information. (I usually say, if you don’t know what you’re talking about then don’t talk at all, it’ll make you look bad.) He’s also going to do whatever he can for you to not believe in good but do the evil and it starts with believers. I say live your life the way you think you should but a person has to believe in something. There’s a lot of fake religions out there (man made) so I won’t talk about religion. People should talk about God, Christ and their personal encounter with him and not judge.

    1. As long as you believe in “god” and it works for you, that’s a great thing. Although I know there is no “god,” I can understand why someone would believe in a higher power. What really matters is how people treat others. It makes no difference to me what people believe in, I just hate when they try to force a religious belief on me. Especially when the person doesn’t even understand his or her own religion. Thanks for voicing your opinion!

      1. can I ask you why you don’t believe there’s a God? just curious, if you don’t mind

        1. It’s not that I have anything against “god” or religion, because I would love to believe in a higher power. I simply can’t believe in that which does not exist. I have a background in Anthropology and there is an assumption that “god” is a creation of man. The duty of an anthropologist is to observe and report, not to judge. I studied many cultures and learned about the origins of different deities. Each story was the same; deities are created to explain the unknown. For example, if a village is located in an area with little rainfall, they will have a “rain god” they create rituals and prayers to please the “god” in order to get rain. Conversely, people who live in an area with plentiful rain will have a “sun god,” but no “rain god,” and they might pray for the prevention of floods, or for the rain to stop. Every religion is the same. There is a deity who provides necessities, based on faith. Bad year for crops, “we didn’t pray hard enough,” or “we angered ‘god’.” Once I realized how faith works, the less I believed. It was only after I understood that religion is ingrained in our minds, that I understood there was no “god.” These people didn’t have the scientific knowledge to explain how rainfall actually worked. Obviously there is a lot more to the reason I understand why there is no “god,” but my journey to atheism lasted more than 15 years so I won’t be able to explain everything. I guess the best answer to your question is, I searched for the truth and, through education, I found atheism! A true atheist can never believe in “god,” because we understand how he was created!

  9. hey Peter
    how r u?

    my name is “Alejandro!” (Loc)
    r u here? or would i b talking 2 myself if i leev a coment

  10. 2 anybody els that might b here
    ur all rite. if ur learning, & ur not doin anythin bad 2 nobody. than ur alright

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