This Actually Happened – July 23rd, 2011

Run-in With The Law

For those of you who don’t know, I ate sushi for the first time on April 16, 2011. It was amazing! (For the best sushi in the Boston area, go to Fuji 1546 in Quincy. I recommend the Gyunegimaki, it’s incredible! *I chose the adjective incredible because you can’t spell it without edible and the sushi is quite edible!* Tell them I sent you; they won’t know what the hell you’re talking about.) About a month ago, I was driving to pick up my order from Fuji and, I’ll admit, I was speeding. My brother and a cousin were also in the car. Out of nowhere, a jeep began to follow me. At first, I thought he was having fun but he was driving like a maniac. It seemed as if the driver was trying to get my attention, but I didn’t know who was in the car, so I drove even faster and he remained right on my tail. (Don’t be childish; he wasn’t literally on my tail.) After a couple miles of professional driving, I pulled into an empty space across from the restaurant and he pulled in behind me. Noticing that he stopped, I banged a quick U-turn and planned on parking in the lot at the rear of the building. A police officer, in full uniform, ran out of the jeep and stood in the middle of the road; he motioned for me to stop. All I could think was, “FUCK!” I parked and he stomped over to the driver’s side window. “Where are you going in such a hurry?” he yelled! “I’m picking up some food, officer. I’m not in a hurry at all.” I said in a calm voice. “Are you kidding me? You were doing 80 back there.” He said, still out of breath. “I completely disagree with you, sir. I was not doing 80; that would be ridiculous. How could I possibly go 80 miles per hour with all the red lights?” I reasoned. “Ok, you didn’t hit 80, but you were speeding! You were driving recklessly, and you passed about twenty-five cars.” He exaggerated. “Again officer, I have to disagree. There weren’t even twenty-five cars on the road.” I  stated non-threateningly. “I’ll give you that, but you did pass some cars. What’s your problem.” He said snidely. “Well officer, I was driving down the road and, out of nowhere, you started chasing after me. I didn’t know who you were and you were driving like a maniac. I was just trying to get away from you.” I explained in a friendly tone. “Get away from me? I have a jeep and I could barely keep up with your sports car.” He shot back. “Sports car? This is a sedan, not a sports car.” I taunted. “You got all the answers. Give me your license and registration.” He said, giving up. “No problem officer.” I handed him my license and registration and he walked away. By this time, two Quincy Police marked vehicles were on the scene. Several minutes later, he returned. “Get out of the car.” He yelled. “For what, officer; am I being arrested?” I asked. “No, you can’t drive, your license is suspended.” He lied. “No problem.” I switched seats with my cousin. The officer walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle with a ticket in hand. “You’re lucky! This is just a warning because I am off duty.” He said visibly annoyed. “Why can’t I drive sir; my license is not suspended. I just received a notice in the mail saying that it will be suspended at the beginning of the next month if I don’t pay the fine I owe, but it is currently not suspended.” (I received a stop sign violation and I paid the ticket, it wasn’t anything major!) “No, your license is suspended. You’re lucky I’m not on duty or else I would have taken you in! I am recommending that you receive a (I can’t remember what he said, but it was some made up bullshit.) Expect a summons in the mail.” He said in a threatening manner before handing me the ticket. “Thank you officer. Have a wonderful evening. Are we free to pick up our sushi?” I said mockingly. “Just make sure that you aren’t the one driving.” He ordered. “I’m in the passenger seat. My cousin will drive.” I pointed out. No reply! He had enough of my backtalk. The policemen watched my cousin drive away. He parked near the front entrance and we exited the “sports car;” they remained on guard. Upon exiting Fuji, they were nowhere to be seen! Talking back to police is a privilege only enjoyed by the non-criminal! Thank “god” I stayed in school! (Did he just thank “god?”) BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Check back tomorrow for a preview of next week’s entries!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Haha, I live in Quincy, up the street and around the corner from Fuji (sushi is great, tell them I sent you, clearly i’m VIP there). Quincy cops are cool.., but they really hate speeder… why? I’ll tell you. In Dorchester cops are pulling people over because they suspect your a drug dealer and gangbanger. In Quincy speeder are drunk teenagers hitting young kids on cross walk. There is a lot of hit in run out here. So slow down! lol

  2. Best sushi in the Boston area? Yet its the first time you had sushi and who knows how many other spots you’ve eaten sushi @ since…do u think u should really be the judge of that?

    1. I enjoyed the food, but the people who accompanied me, some of he most respected in the sushi game, let me know that it was the best! I am not a dumbass; I’m almost certain!

  3. In the famous words of Brandy or was it Monica…Almost doesn’t count.

  4. I like Fuji and it’s more convenient than driving into Boston with the traffic and parking nonsense, but if you’re ever in the goverment center/Charles St. area, try Ma Soba… it lacks the laid back bar atmosphere but is a step above Fuji in sushi. Good prices too. Try McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s for burgers. I hope this was helpful.

    1. Extremely helpful! I’ll have to try and see if the sushi is better. Good looks on the burger joints; I’ve been looking for a new place. Hope the patties are as good as you say!

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