Sui Caedere

I have a lot to say about the recent death of a NFL Hall of Famer, but some people are starting to believe that I am emotionally dead, so I won’t discuss the specific incident. Obviously I am not emotionally dead; the truth is people allow their own emotions to cloud their judgment and I simply focus on facts. (You’ll have to forgive me for not caring that a multimillionaire couldn’t deal with his problems and decided to take his own life!)

***The previous comment was made under the presumption that initial reports are correct and the incident was in fact a suicide.***

     To me, suicide is the quintessential cowardly act. (There is an exception; child suicide is completely different. To read my thoughts on child suicide, click on the link: Bullying and Suicide.)

There are literally billions of people on this planet who live below the poverty line. There are millions of people who die from different diseases. There are millions of newborn babies who are born with the HIV virus and many other suicide inducing life dilemmas; the answer is never taking one’s life. (Unless “god” wants you to take your life!)

Although taking one’s life is arguably the most difficult thing a human being can do, I still think it’s the cowards way of dealing with a difficult situation. Life isn’t supposed to be easy; there will be many curve balls thrown, and just when you learn to hit the curves, life will throw you a slider. The fit will survive and the weakest will quit. Don’t be a quitter by killing yourselves. (I apologize to any creationists for referencing Darwin; obviously, all science, and his work specifically, was inspired by the devil!)

I know; I know! “If someone in your family committed suicide, you would feel differently.” Not a chance. My uncle committed suicide and I spoke to him on a regular basis. We talked all the time and shared many laughs. When he took his life, the only sadness I felt was for his wife; she deserved better. My uncle had some challenges to deal with, but nothing that comes close to justifying his actions. I honestly feel that he took the cowardly way out.

Please be advised, if I am found dead and the police determine that I took my own life, act like Flava Flav and don’t believe the hype. I enjoy living and I’ll be here until my luck runs out! Find out which child of “god” decided that they were ridding the world of an evil being and alert the authorities. (If my murder assassination isn’t at the hands of an overzealous believer, please look into who is listed as the benefactor in my will and you got your killer!)

Please do me a favor and stop crying when random celebrities, who have absolutely no connection to you, die! (Especially if the individual takes a self-inflicted fatal shotgun wound to the chest!)

***If you are going to mourn the loss of a random celebrity because you feel that it makes you a caring human being, the least you can do is write your RIP comments on a post-it note and stick it to your fridge; not everyone on Facebook gives a shit!***


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Oh man! I agree. Even though suicide is a subject that can be understood from many sides, the conclusion still is that killing yourself won’t bring anyone good. Its stupid.

  2. What do u mean u can’t discuss the incident because of what ppl think?! Since when has that stopped u?! I thought these were your uncensored thoughts and opinions! The only opinion that should matter is that of the blog’s CEO that pays you! What?! You haven’t gotten the check?! Its probably cuz u moved! You should be getting it soon.

    As for suicide, I agree, its tragic for the family. Suicide doesn’t fix anything just adds more problems for the loved ones left behind.

    1. I just think it’s too soon to share my views on the player. I will wait a week, out of respect, then I’ll write the post.

      I can’t wait for that check to show up!

  3. This was an irresponsible post… you constantly preach ‘facts as your focus’…. well, if you had done just a little research, you would have learned that Seau’s suicide is likely the result of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy- A DISEASE triggered by multiple concussions or blows to the head like he had in his football career. He isn’t the first who has committed suicide after suffering from this degenerative disease which causes memory loss, uncontrollable aggression and depression. Junior Seau was not a coward! He was by all accounts a person with no skeletons in his closet, who loved life, loved his family and was always the biggest spirit in the room and lockeroom… He was the type of guy who would never receive treatment in front of the media or other players because he never wanted to be perceived as weak or fragile.. to me that doesn’t fit the profile of a ‘quitter’! The readers who have high fived you on this post without understanding the situation are just as bad ad those who post on Facebook because it’s the cool thing!

    1. And! It isn’t about wether or not suicide is the answer or a poor decision.. It’s about a man who was sick and could not rationalize or stop himself..

      1. You’re judgement is clearly affected by emotion. There is never an excuse to kill one’s self. We have a duty to ourselves to fight for survival and this guy quit on life! Suicide is never the answer. The fact that he had a disease doesn’t change my views at all. In fact, it helps to prove my point that cowards are unable to deal with problems and decide to take their lives. Instead of being a man and seeking out help, he decided to end his suffering by causing unmeasurable pain to his loved ones. To me, he is the quintessential coward. His death was unfair to the people who cared about him.

      2. I heard that Seau thought about killing himself on several other occassions but opted against it…seems like he was able to rationalize then…

    2. As a Patriots fan I was sad to hear about Seau’s death. I was sad for him that he struggled with this disease but mostly sad for his family. But I do believe that his suicide was a selfish act. He had a loving supportive family and not to mention resources that didn’t necessarily cure his disease but could help. What about the thousands of others who don’t have everything he had and have the same disease or worse but choose to keep fighting instead of giving up. Which is truly what he did. You mention how he loved life but what message is his suicide sending? “I love life but if it gets tough might as well end it?!” Yes, I know its not that black and white. I studied psychology for many years and have a pretty good understanding on how debilitating depression can be but I also know that millions of ppl struggle with it everyday and choose to fight it. One of the things I admire about athletes is their drive and persistance through all types of adversities. Seau chose to quit and while its sad, to me its mostly disappointing.

      1. I hope for the people that love you, Jess and Pete, that the two of you never get knocked in the head. Its easy to talk about fighting for your life when you e never. Even in one of these people’s shoes. P, why do you feel sad for his family if you don’t make decisions based on emotions?

        1. I hope not either! You’re right its super easy to talk about without having been through it but I’m speaking for the ppl that are going through it and keep fighting.

          1. I feel sorry for his family because they didn’t deserve what happened. I don’t think I was making any decision based on emotion; I honestly don’t care, but I feel bad for them. I get knocked in the head all the time. This whole thing sounds like a bunch of excuses. I’m not giving him a pass; he was a coward who didn’t want to deal with his problems. Plenty of players have created a support group to deal with this “illness” and they continue to live each day, he should have reached out.

    1. Ha ha! I wouldn’t have even written about the incident except for the fact that Facebook and the media are trying to force me to care about the death of a man that have absolutely no connection to. If we had to mourn the death of everyone who died, life would be one big never-ending wake. Death is part of the human experience and society hasn’t learned how to deal with it. When forced to give my opinion, I don’t hold back. I was planning on waiting until next week to speak about the specific incident, but decided to post the entry tomorrow.

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