This Actually Happened – April 28th, 2012

*****POST NUMBER 300***** Writing these posts feels nothing like fighting in a war! Thank you to all the people who take a few minutes out of their porn surfing sessions to read my posts! Dumb & Dumber In an effort to protect the imbeciles, the names have been changed. I feel it is appropriate to […]

Locked Up Abroad

The National Geographic Channel has one of the best shows on television; Locked Up Abroad. Although I like watching, I had to get over the initial disappointment of learning that the show was not about crazy men who hold women hostage in their basements. (I’m not saying it’s right for men to act in such […]

Meta World Lunacy

There aren’t many things in this world that shock me, but I was floored by what occurred at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday April 22nd. Ron Artest (I refuse to call him that nonsense that he created!) lost his freaking mind and assaulted Oklahoma City’s James Harden. Not only was the act […]

This Actually Happened – April 20th, 2011

Dumb Phoner On Wednesday, my smart phone began to malfunction. The touchscreen wasn’t working properly. I usually role with the punches, so I wasn’t too bothered by the inconvenience; I simply continued living life. In the past, I’ve had phone problems and I’m accustomed to keeping a phone until it doesn’t work. I guess I […]

A Wish Granted

     Some people believe that thirty-three is old. To those people I say, you probably won’t live to see thirty-three; GOOD LUCK! This challenge began with a simple encounter. “What challenge are you referring to?” Read this post to catch up to speed: A Challenge. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles (When isn’t […]

A Challenge

     I don’t like the fact that “god’s” existence is something that can be questioned. Human beings should be able to come to an agreement on this issue. Since my birthday is fast approaching, I created a challenge which will help to answer the question, once and for all. I wanted to attend mass today […]