Originally, I planned on waiting a week before writing this post because I wanted people to read without allowing emotions to cloud their judgment. Upon second thought, I realize that emotional people will always be emotional, so there is no point in waiting. I also don’t mind being called emotionally dead! (For more of my thoughts on suicide, read yesterday’s post: Sui Caedere.)

First of all, let’s get one thing straight; Seau was a San Diego Charger; period. All of you Patsy fans can stop with the nonsense about him being a former member of your crappy team! (He played in only New England in the twilight of his career!)

     I’ve decided that people who commit suicide do not get to be honored. If you take the coward’s way out, we don’t have to respect them.

I’m aware of all the excuses that people are throwing out in order to explain why it was ok for Seau to take his own life, but it’s all a bunch of nonsense. We have to stop making excuses for the weak. Being too proud to seek out help is not a sign of manliness; it’s a clear sign of weakness. Pride is ridiculous and will lead to the downfall of the idiot. I believe judge Milian of the people’s court refers to such “caveman” behavior as “Quien es mas macho!” (If you don’t know what that means, Google it!) Hiding your pain and putting on a brave face has no Redeeming quality.

Honestly, can anyone think of a more selfish act? I was happy to hear a few of the radio personalities on ESPN talk about Seau’s decision in a negative light. I hate when people die and they are made out to be a hero. If Seau was murdered, then this would have been a great American tragedy, but people who take their own lives are never to be celebrated. They are the poster children for how not to solve problems.

I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for someone who lived a pampered life. Seau was a star at USC, and a star in the NFL; he made millions of dollars and was loved by millions of fans. I get it; he never won a Super Bowl, but you don’t see Dan Marino playing Russian Roulette with a shotgun. If Seau didn’t feel he deserved to live, I say good riddance! (I know money doesn’t solve problems, but there are plenty of poor people going through a lot worse and they continue struggling for survival on a daily basis!)

Seau was said to be a great ambassador for the NFL, but his legacy is tainted; he set a poor example by committing suicide and it is the responsibility of all parents to teach their children that it is wrong to run from their problems. All of the stories about his great character and leadership abilities mean nothing because his final message to the world is “quitting is ok!”

This former superstars’ children did not ask to be born. He had a responsibility to be here for them. Yes, he may have left behind a vast wealth, but who will walk his daughter down the aisle and who will his children turn to in times of hardship. How will his offspring find the strength to face adversity when the one person who was supposed to set an example failed them?

People say that it’s wrong to talk negatively about the dead. “Let Seau rest in peace.” They say. They couldn’t be more wrong. That is a terrible approach; we cannot allow suicide to become the an accepted act. We have a duty to set an example for the future generations. It is important to call out the cowards in order to send a clear message to anyone who is going through a period of suffering. SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!

There are those who say, “the use of the word coward is too harsh.” What would these people have me call such a man? I can’t think of a more appropriate word!

To make matters worse, this is actually the second occasion in which Seau attempted to take his own life. He drove his car off a cliff in 2010 after a fight with his girlfriend, but survived the “accident.” I guess the old adage is right; second time was the charm. When someone attempts suicide and they survive, it’s easy for the individual to lie and say that it was an accident. Twice? That seems like someone who really doesn’t want to live. Seau had two years between suicide attempts. That is more than enough time to seek out help; there are no excuses for his lack of determination. (“Fool me once…you fooled me; can’t get fooled again!” misquoted by George W. Bush!)

When you are going through tough times, stay the course and you’ll persevere; don’t pull a Seau!

No mother should ever have to go through this!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Glad you chose to post this now. His mom’s pain is heart breaking. That’s what ppl should focus on, the pain of the loved ones he left behind.

    But can you please for the love of Jiminy Cricket (figured you’d have more respect for him than God) leave the Pats out of this! He was a Patriot! Who cares for how long!

    1. No, I hate the Patsies and they were irrelevant to his career. He was and will always be a Charger. When he goes into the NFL, he’ll be known as a Charger.

      The least he could have done was wait until after Mother’s Day to end his life.

  2. I agree with ALMOST everything here, dude. Not excusing his way of ‘solving’ all his problems, as you put it, but the fact of the matter is he may have actually had something wrong with his head (perhaps a product of concussions) that messed with his head…its not an excuse…but its a reason as to why he would even think that way.

    In this case, it sucks that he went out this way. Tarnished his legacy big time, but we don’t know all the facts yet, so you can’t be like ‘yo fuck this dude he’s soft he should have tried harder.’ Well you can do whatever you want, but I’m not gonna be the dude to do that…

    1. I don’t think he was soft. I think he had a macho attitude that made him choose death over help. I call him a coward because he failed to face his problems. No matter what illness he had, I’m almost certain it is not as debilitating as cancer, yet people who are diagnosed with cancer continue to fight every day, even when there is absolutely no chance of survival. There are plenty of players who suffer from his illness who joined forces to support each other. He quit on life.

      1. word but lets be real, here. When you have a sickness like this (if he did…if he didn’t then he’s a douchebag) its something that affects the way you think. Alternatives don’t just come up to you.
        Some people might suffer from depression, then commit suicide. And again, I’m not excusing suicide as something that is a good alternative. the act itself is selfish. But there are other factors…That comes from a disease, so its hard for you to just be like ‘he quit he couldn’t handle it. Its not the same as a cancer, its something that literally messes up the way your brain is functioning…
        His pride definitely did get in the way of him seeking help though, thats where we agree..

  3. I agree for the most part. But my take is, hey, the guy lived the life of a pro athlete. He had a ton of friends and family. Millions in the bank; loves to surf; lives in a beach house and surfs every day. How the hell can we feel sorry for that life? If you can’t deal, then so be it. This made-up concussion excuse for suicide is nonsense. 10 thousand people bail ever year who’ve never had a concussion. I’m all for suicide, especially if you go out with dignity. Nothing cowardly about it. My only rule is if you want to take the shotgun ferry, go for it. Just don’t hurt anyone else in the process. Hope he’s happier floating on his cloud.

    1. I don’t feel bad for him either, but I don’t think there is any dignity in suicide. There are too many people who cared about him and he let them down. I’m pretty sure there is no life after death so that sucks for him.

  4. His head was fucked!! He could no longer make rational decisions… Symptoms aren’t constant, they come and go. One moment he’s fine the next he wants to beat the shit out of someone… One minute he’s happy, the next he’s feeling he can’t go on and doesn’t know why… You don’t have to celebrate this man (Which I haven’t heard any media outlets doing. All I’ve heard are reports about the facts and his career. If people are celebrating him on Facebook, that is a good example of why I don’t have a Facebook account) but you cant speak for what was happening in his mind. You sitting in your couch thinking about how you would have handled this is different than living his reality. This is different from cancer. Someone suffering from cancer still has a healthy function brain (unless it’s brain cancer) and can use it to decide to fight for their life…

    1. I’m not thinking about how I would handle the situation. I don’t know how I would handle it, but I do know that I would be a coward if I didn’t seek out help. I’m just not buying this nonsense. How do you explain all of the players who have the “disease” and live with it. This sounds like an excuse. If he was in a position to play football, he would be getting ready for the season right now and there would be no thoughts of suicide.

      1. Not all players suffer the same.. like all diseases, there are different degrees of damage. I refuse to view it the same as some guy who’s had a run of bad luck, lost his job and wife and decides to end it all…

          1. This isn’t faith.. It isn’t about believing or not believing. This is a scientific fact. Brains have been studied. The brain, in it’s normal state, works to keep you alive. In all situations survival instincts kick in. A human will do whatever they have to to stay alive. Cut off a leg, eat another human etc. When these instincts stop kicking in and the brain stops finding a reason to go on, it is the result of a chemical unbalance(in the case of those who suffer from depression) or brain damage(from unatural physical hits and concussions..some worst than others).

            1. I’m just not buying it. Doctors have been convincing people of these so called “brain defects” and they keep believing it. It’s amazing what people can convince themselves of; I don’t think it’s real! Just another excuse.

              1. I am surprised that in this case you are behaving like the religious peolpe you often poke fun at for believing without educating yourself!

                1. You can’t believe everything that people say. I just don’t think there is an illness which causes people to want to commit suicide. You can suffer and quit on life, but humans are designed to fight for survival. I’m surprised you bought that lie!

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