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Coming this week, I will release a secret White House video! (If I am arrested by the Secret Service, for some random trumped up charge, I didn’t do it!)




Originally, I planned on waiting a week before writing this post because I wanted people to read without allowing emotions to cloud their judgment. Upon second thought, I realize that emotional people will always be emotional, so there is no point in waiting. I also don’t mind being called emotionally dead! (For more of my thoughts on suicide, read yesterday’s post: Sui Caedere.)

First of all, let’s get one thing straight; Seau was a San Diego Charger; period. All of you Patsy fans can stop with the nonsense about him being a former member of your crappy team! (He played in only New England in the twilight of his career!)

     I’ve decided that people who commit suicide do not get to be honored. If you take the coward’s way out, we don’t have to respect them.

I’m aware of all the excuses that people are throwing out in order to explain why it was ok for Seau to take his own life, but it’s all a bunch of nonsense. We have to stop making excuses for the weak. Being too proud to seek out help is not a sign of manliness; it’s a clear sign of weakness. Pride is ridiculous and will lead to the downfall of the idiot. I believe judge Milian of the people’s court refers to such “caveman” behavior as “Quien es mas macho!” (If you don’t know what that means, Google it!) Hiding your pain and putting on a brave face has no Redeeming quality.

Honestly, can anyone think of a more selfish act? I was happy to hear a few of the radio personalities on ESPN talk about Seau’s decision in a negative light. I hate when people die and they are made out to be a hero. If Seau was murdered, then this would have been a great American tragedy, but people who take their own lives are never to be celebrated. They are the poster children for how not to solve problems.

I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for someone who lived a pampered life. Seau was a star at USC, and a star in the NFL; he made millions of dollars and was loved by millions of fans. I get it; he never won a Super Bowl, but you don’t see Dan Marino playing Russian Roulette with a shotgun. If Seau didn’t feel he deserved to live, I say good riddance! (I know money doesn’t solve problems, but there are plenty of poor people going through a lot worse and they continue struggling for survival on a daily basis!)

Seau was said to be a great ambassador for the NFL, but his legacy is tainted; he set a poor example by committing suicide and it is the responsibility of all parents to teach their children that it is wrong to run from their problems. All of the stories about his great character and leadership abilities mean nothing because his final message to the world is “quitting is ok!”

This former superstars’ children did not ask to be born. He had a responsibility to be here for them. Yes, he may have left behind a vast wealth, but who will walk his daughter down the aisle and who will his children turn to in times of hardship. How will his offspring find the strength to face adversity when the one person who was supposed to set an example failed them?

People say that it’s wrong to talk negatively about the dead. “Let Seau rest in peace.” They say. They couldn’t be more wrong. That is a terrible approach; we cannot allow suicide to become the an accepted act. We have a duty to set an example for the future generations. It is important to call out the cowards in order to send a clear message to anyone who is going through a period of suffering. SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!

There are those who say, “the use of the word coward is too harsh.” What would these people have me call such a man? I can’t think of a more appropriate word!

To make matters worse, this is actually the second occasion in which Seau attempted to take his own life. He drove his car off a cliff in 2010 after a fight with his girlfriend, but survived the “accident.” I guess the old adage is right; second time was the charm. When someone attempts suicide and they survive, it’s easy for the individual to lie and say that it was an accident. Twice? That seems like someone who really doesn’t want to live. Seau had two years between suicide attempts. That is more than enough time to seek out help; there are no excuses for his lack of determination. (“Fool me once…you fooled me; can’t get fooled again!” misquoted by George W. Bush!)

When you are going through tough times, stay the course and you’ll persevere; don’t pull a Seau!

No mother should ever have to go through this!


Sui Caedere

I have a lot to say about the recent death of a NFL Hall of Famer, but some people are starting to believe that I am emotionally dead, so I won’t discuss the specific incident. Obviously I am not emotionally dead; the truth is people allow their own emotions to cloud their judgment and I simply focus on facts. (You’ll have to forgive me for not caring that a multimillionaire couldn’t deal with his problems and decided to take his own life!)

***The previous comment was made under the presumption that initial reports are correct and the incident was in fact a suicide.***

     To me, suicide is the quintessential cowardly act. (There is an exception; child suicide is completely different. To read my thoughts on child suicide, click on the link: Bullying and Suicide.)

There are literally billions of people on this planet who live below the poverty line. There are millions of people who die from different diseases. There are millions of newborn babies who are born with the HIV virus and many other suicide inducing life dilemmas; the answer is never taking one’s life. (Unless “god” wants you to take your life!)

Although taking one’s life is arguably the most difficult thing a human being can do, I still think it’s the cowards way of dealing with a difficult situation. Life isn’t supposed to be easy; there will be many curve balls thrown, and just when you learn to hit the curves, life will throw you a slider. The fit will survive and the weakest will quit. Don’t be a quitter by killing yourselves. (I apologize to any creationists for referencing Darwin; obviously, all science, and his work specifically, was inspired by the devil!)

I know; I know! “If someone in your family committed suicide, you would feel differently.” Not a chance. My uncle committed suicide and I spoke to him on a regular basis. We talked all the time and shared many laughs. When he took his life, the only sadness I felt was for his wife; she deserved better. My uncle had some challenges to deal with, but nothing that comes close to justifying his actions. I honestly feel that he took the cowardly way out.

Please be advised, if I am found dead and the police determine that I took my own life, act like Flava Flav and don’t believe the hype. I enjoy living and I’ll be here until my luck runs out! Find out which child of “god” decided that they were ridding the world of an evil being and alert the authorities. (If my murder assassination isn’t at the hands of an overzealous believer, please look into who is listed as the benefactor in my will and you got your killer!)

Please do me a favor and stop crying when random celebrities, who have absolutely no connection to you, die! (Especially if the individual takes a self-inflicted fatal shotgun wound to the chest!)

***If you are going to mourn the loss of a random celebrity because you feel that it makes you a caring human being, the least you can do is write your RIP comments on a post-it note and stick it to your fridge; not everyone on Facebook gives a shit!***


Super Bowl Or Bust

First of all, I’d like to thank Andrew Luck for playing lights out and forcing the Indianapolis Colts to release one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Next, I would like to thank Jim Irsay for making a business decision and allowing the Denver Broncos to sign Peyton Manning.

Thirdly, I would like to thank Eli Manning for destroying the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, allowing for a wonderful off-season.

Lastly, I would like to thank Tim Tebow for providing the Denver Broncos faithful with a great season; hopefully you will be able to stick around and learn from the best.

I would also like to send out a special thanks to Brandon Lloyd for guaranteeing that he will be next season’s Ocho Stinko!

For those of you who live in a hole, all of the hub bub is about Peyton Manning choosing to play for the Denver Broncos. This means only one thing; the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl! (It’s obvious!)

I can get used to seeing this every Sunday!

     There isn’t much more to say about the news; The Broncos are the best team in the league, hands down!

There is a great story unfolding around the big news. The San Francisco 49ers, announced that they were not interested in Manning because they were committed to quarterback Alex Smith, and then they went after Manning. Good luck mending that broken fence.

What the heck, allow me to discuss how great the Broncos are.

  1. Elvis Dumervil, the king of sacks is back and healthy.
  2. Von Miller will be even better than last year.
  3. Champ Bailey is and always will be a lock-down corner.
  4. Willis Mcgahee is getting back to his former self.
  5. Knowshon Moreno is back and healthy.
  6. Eric Decker will be the next Brandon Stokley.
  7. Demaryius Thomas is in his third season and he will be a beast.

**Coach John Fox is a great leader!**


     *I am opening the bandwagon to all fans. You will have a week to make the switch; don’t hesitate!*

Please write your e-mail address in the comments section and I will send you an application. Please be advised that your loyalty will be to the Denver Broncos and no one else. You must vow to hate the New England Patriots, the AFC West teams and Philip Rivers! (Absolutely no exceptions!) In order to be eligible to receive an application, please provide a story in which you hated the New England Patriots, in the past. (For those of you who loved the Patriots, you may provide a story about your hatred for Philip Rivers!)

Go Broncos!!!


Sports and Religion

There is no correlation. Success in sports takes hard work and dedication, while religion is simply based on an overactive imagination. (It’s really for the children!)

The Great Tim Tebow has it right. He is a religious individual, who follows what he believes. I love when religious people say, “Tebow is too much.” (I thought there was no limit to how much people are supposed to love their “god!”)

For the non-religious people who are bothered by Tebow’s faith proclamations, I understand why they are annoyed, but the so called religious people seem to be half-assing it when it comes to their faith; I don’t think they understand what is going on. Tebow clearly gets it.

Don’t be one of those idiots who thinks Tebow is actually thanking his “god” for helping him win the game. He is simply praising his “lord and savior” for allowing him to remain healthy; he knows that his imaginary friend who “reigns from Heaven above, with wisdom, power, and love” is not helping him win games. (Please allow the guy to believe whatever nonsense he wants to believe in!)

Tom Brady does the same thing; he believes men should wear UGG boots and he shouts it from the mountain tops. Like Tebow’s belief in “god,” I don’t agree with Brady’s endorsement of UGG boots, but who is to say, that he love of feminine footwear is too much? (If the guy wants to be a cross-dresser, let the guy do his thing!)

When David Ortiz hits a homerun and points to the sky, he is simply praising the jealous guy in the sky that he believes in; he is not thanking some all-powerful being for helping him hit the homerun. Please take the time to distinguish between athletes who praise a nonexistent being and the ones who believe that their success comes from the assistant of a “god.”

One aspect of sports that may cross the line is when players talk about winning a championship in honor of someone who is dead, or someone with a terminal illness. I don’t mind the fact that the Patsies wore patches on their shirts, in honor of their owner’s late wife, Myra. The problem I have is when players and fans talk about, “Myra is helping the team win, or Myra is watching over the team and giving the players strength.” I would honestly like for one if these idiots to please explain to me, why the Patsies lost, if Myra caused Billy Cundiff to miss an easy field goal. (Listening to such nonsensical thought makes me want to drive to the top of Mulholland drive and steer the car off of the cliff!)

When it comes to sports, religion is neither here nor there. (What a dumb saying. Obviously it has to be one of the two; if you are not here, then you are there!)

By the way, I prayed for “the lord” to help the Giants win. MY “GOD” IS AN AWESOME “GOD!”

For the greatest religious song of all time, check out this video. AWESOME