Bagging Up Season 2 – Episode 2

Season 2: Episode 1 INT. sports bar Bartholomew convinced Judas to meet the guys at a bar in order to hash things out. SIMON I can’t believe Matt escaped twice. BARTHOLOMEW Michelle is going to kill him when he goes home. MATTHIAS I told you guys; things are a little different now. SIMON She’s gonna […]

This Actually Happened – June 29th, 2012

I decided to post this week’s This Actually Happened, today and I will post the new episode of Bagging Up, tomorrow.   Luck Of The Non-Irish A few weeks ago, I was driving on the highway (Speeding as usual!) and something unfortunate occurred. My passenger side front tire exploded while I was switching lanes. Thankfully, […]

365 Days Of Blogging

Today is June 28th; day number three hundred and sixty five since I started this blog. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty decent accomplishment. I didn’t blog every day, but that was never a goal; this is post number 346. (Not too shabby!) Thanks to all the people who continue […]

The Most Interesting Commercials In The World

It is futile to argue, the Dos Equis commercials are hilarious. When it comes to advertising, EuroRSCG knocked this one out of the park. There is no way any beer drinking hominoid can watch one of the commercials and not have an urge to buy a case of Dos Equis on their next trip to […]

90’s Tweets

These are five sample tweets I would have sent, had Twitter existed in the 90’s. I’ll only limit the list to five because I could probably go on forever and that would be pointless! I just think the idea lends itself to some funny tweets. I will also post one response that I would have […]

This Actually Happened – June 23rd, 2012

Nonsensical Ticket These are one of those stories that are great, unless you are the unlucky shmuck involved. For the rest of my time on this planet, I will forever remember the City of Temple City as the place where dumb happens. (I know calling the place “The City of Temple City” seems redundant, but […]

Inside The Numbers

In my previous post, I mentioned Jerry DeWitt. He is the first graduate of the Clergy Project. The purpose of the organization is to assist ranking members of religious institutions, from all faiths, with their transition to the real world. Apparently, there are many people who are leading double lives. These men and women preach […]

Twitter Is Back To Being Fun

When I first signed up for Twitter, I found the site to be a great place to read random unfiltered comments from funny people. Sadly, things changed and the site became a place where one can actually witness society’s downward spiral; reverse evolution is real. (There was a time when self-respect was important!) Scrolling down […]

The Dumbest Question Ever

For almost three centuries, students have been baffled by the dumbest question known to man. Philosophy professors waste valuable instructional time attempting to stump wannabe-Aristotles by asking the “unsolvable” question. “Which question are you referring to?” I’ll tell you! Obviously, I’m talking about, “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around […]