Where Did I Hear That Before

I wanted to move Bagging Up to Tuesday, but Wednesday is a better fit. For today’s entry, I will deal with an interesting question; is the Jesus story original?

This is not an attempt to disprove the Jesus story. (We already know it is a myth!) I am simply trying to show that the writers of the gospels were plagiarists. That being said, just because the story was unoriginal does not prove that Jesus didn’t exist, but it does make one think! (Please let me know if you are not thinking!)

I was always under the impression that the story of Christ and his magical virgin birth was an original, until a few years ago; I saw a documentary on the History Channel which revealed, 30 years before Jesus there was a man who made the same claims. I can’t find the film or the information, so it is not applicable. (I will find it one day!)

Luckily, I have a personal library, in my room, which contains some relevant books. There are two major claims. One comes from Egypt and the other comes from the Greco-Roman tradition. I’ll review the material and reveal what I uncover!

We do not have an exact date for the bible, so believers can say, “the bible was written before Greek and Egyptian myths; they are the ones who are guilty of plagiarizing.” This would be a great point, except for the fact that Jesus first appears in the New Testament, which we do have a date for. The other traditions clearly predate the Jesus stories!

I’ll start with Egypt since they provided the world with the original myth. Before we discuss the birth of Horus, we must deal with Isis, his mother. There are those who argue that Isis was not a virgin, but there is enough evidence to show that she was indeed chaste. Isis was a virgin! I don’t think the story of Horus’ birth would make any sense, otherwise.


     According to my source, Egyptian Myths by George Hart, the god Geb and the goddess Nut had four children, Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. (Clearly, the followers of the “god of Abraham” copied their practice of incest from the Egyptians!) Osiris married Isis, but he was murdered by his brother Seth. “With Osiris dead…Isis determines to use her immense magical powers to recover the body of Osiris and resurrect it sufficiently to conceive a son to avenge the monstrous usurpation and murder.” (Pg. 32)

Isis, the virgin, gives birth to Horus. He becomes takes revenge and rules Egypt. The ancient historian Plutarch was the first to plagiarize the story; he replaced the Egyptian gods with Greek ones. (That’s sad! The Christians didn’t even steal from Egypt; they stole from the guy who stole from Egypt!)

The next myth comes from the Greco-Roman tradition; the story of the birth of the god Dionysos. For this tale, I used the book The Library of Greek Mythology by Apollodorus. (Translated by Robin Hard) A man named Cadmos founded the city of Thebes. Zeus fell in love with one of his four daughters, Semele, who was the only unmarried virgin. Hera, queen of the gods, grew jealous and killed Semele. Luckily, Zeus saved their offspring Dionysos.

I think I heard this before. A virgin gives birth to a child by a god. The only difference is the fact that the Greeks keep it real. Here is my favorite part of the story.  Written in parenthesis is this sentence, “After Semele’s death, the other daughters of Cadmos spread the tale that Semele had slept with a mortal but falsely laid the blame on Zeus, and that she had been struck down by a thunderbolt because of that.” (Pg. 101)

Greco-Roman myths rule! **Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the bible; those stories are just as entertaining!** I can’t wait for the truth to come out about our beloved Mary! (If you want to read my version of the story, click the link: Virgin Birth)

There is a lot of interesting information on the web, concerning the subject; Google the topics and come to your own conclusions.


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Hi Pete, you might try the link to my blog/article I have provided. Don’t worry, I’ve no book to sell, no ax to grind and no money to make via annoying ads on my blog. I’ve been a student of parthenogenesis, or virgin birth for over 40 years. I shall remain a student of this “subject of subjects” until my dying day. Perhaps experts will emerge as more critical minds get involved in the not-too-distant future?

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