This Actually Happened – February 4th, 2012

It’s Curtain Time

The other day, we were at Target picking up some essential items for the apartment when @EFidalgo12 demanded that we purchase new shower curtains. “We definitely need to grab new curtains; we should even get new rings that hold up the curtains!” He said. I was completely in agreement; there is no telling what bodily fluids have been discarded on the old shower curtain. Not only was this a cleanliness issue, but we were preventing the possible spread of STDs! (There is a good chance that the previous tenant was a prostitute!) We found the items with little effort and picked out a basic shade. (In an effort to enhance the tale, @EFidalgo12 was peeved because Target didn’t have fuchsia colored curtains!) Later in the evening, after gathering the most necessary items, we returned to our sanitized apartment. I had been drinking beverages (non-alcoholic in this instance!) and nature called. After relieving my liver of some waste-filled fluids, I asked @EFidalgo12 to walk into the bathroom and tell me if he noticed anything wrong. He obliged and carefully looked over every nook and cranny of our lavatory. He couldn’t find any problem. I carefully pointed to the shower and asked, “where the hell are you planning to hang the shower curtains?” It turns out that we have glass doors in the shower. (Yes, we are, indeed, idiots!) The curtains and rings were returned for a lamp. We are both college educated! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Tomorrow’s game is arguably the scariest sporting event of my life. I do not want to be forced to go to church!

On this Super Bowl Sunday, I hope to read from the Book of Eli!



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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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