This Actually Happened – February 4th, 2012

It’s Curtain Time The other day, we were at Target picking up some essential items for the apartment when @EFidalgo12 demanded that we purchase new shower curtains. “We definitely need to grab new curtains; we should even get new rings that hold up the curtains!” He said. I was completely in agreement; there is no […]

Not My Fantasy

Most people are familiar with the typical guy fantasy. I believe the French call it a menage a trois! (Wait! isn’t it lez incompetent? No that’s from Home Alone!) Well, let me use the term threesome to be safe. (Not that threesomes are safe!) I have added a twist to my fantasy threesome; the girls […]

This Actually Happened – August 6th, 2011

Last Sunday, after a night of partying I woke up at 9am and was inspired to write. (Actually, we had a cookout planned for my cousin’s birthday and I knew I wouldn’t be able write anything during the night.) I received a call from Ema and he said, “Come over and we’ll chill on the […]