NFL Agreement

This post is not what you thing; I don’t care about the real referees coming back. I honestly don’t understand why everyone is excited to have professionals get the call wrong instead of the replacements. (I must have missed the perfect games that were officiated by Hochuli and his gang of zebras!) My enthusiasm comes […]


Originally, I planned on waiting a week before writing this post because I wanted people to read without allowing emotions to cloud their judgment. Upon second thought, I realize that emotional people will always be emotional, so there is no point in waiting. I also don’t mind being called emotionally dead! (For more of my […]

Guillen and Castro

I know what some of you may be thinking, “I can’t wait to get that new Guillen and Castro cd.” Sorry, but this is not the name of a new hip hop act. I am referring to New Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen and his comments about Fidel Castro.      Guillen said that he “loved” and […]

Sports and Religion

There is no correlation. Success in sports takes hard work and dedication, while religion is simply based on an overactive imagination. (It’s really for the children!) The Great Tim Tebow has it right. He is a religious individual, who follows what he believes. I love when religious people say, “Tebow is too much.” (I thought […]

This Actually Happened – February 4th, 2012

It’s Curtain Time The other day, we were at Target picking up some essential items for the apartment when @EFidalgo12 demanded that we purchase new shower curtains. “We definitely need to grab new curtains; we should even get new rings that hold up the curtains!” He said. I was completely in agreement; there is no […]

Humble Pie Tastes Like Chicken

Statistics are wonderful and can be helpful during any sports argument, but there is one guaranteed truth; the winning team is better than the losing team. If you don’t believe me, try telling a Chiefs fan that the Packers are better! Yesterday, I watched my Denver Broncos lose to the Patsies; I was not happy […]

Coming this week (25)

This week’s commercial review will be moved to Tuesday. Monday’s post will be my reaction to the BIG game. (This will be the most enjoyable post to write!) Wednesday’s episode of the Bagging Up series will be the conclusion of the first season! Season 2 will begin sometime after New Year’s Day! ************************************************************************************************* This is […]