Players Don’t Cheat

One cannot address relationships without first mentioning the mythical double standard. There isn’t a guy in the world who hasn’t heard a woman say, “if men can do it, women can too!” I agree. In fact, no statement could be more truthful. Women can do exactly what men do; there is no difference.

“Wait? You just said there was no double standard.” That’s right! There is no double standard. MEN ARE SLUTS, WHORES, or whatever you want to call them. That is a fact. Don’t waste my time telling me about a guy who sleeps around. If you want to shock me, tell me about the “good” guy who is faithful. The reason there is no double standard is based on the fact that men know they are sluts. Do me a favor. (Men and women can participate.) Go through your phone, pick a random guy, and call him. When he picks up, tell him that you think he is a slut. If he gives a shit, send me an e-mail with the number to your bank account so I can deposit a thousand dollars.

That’s what “independent” women don’t understand. If you do what the guys are doing, you are a slut. The fact that you give a shit, is your problem.

Example 1: A man goes on vacation. He sleeps with a new woman every single day; two females on Sunday. What a whore! He returns, filled with a sense of pride. The trip was extremely successful, barring any STDs.

Example 2: A woman goes on vacation. She sleeps with a new guy every single day; twice on Sunday. What a whore! She returns, filled with a sense of shame. Why doesn’t she respect herself?

See the difference? In both cases, the vacationer is a whore. The man doesn’t care, but the woman does. Either you embrace the fact that you are a whore, because YOU ARE, or you keep your legs closed. (There’s your mythical double standard.)

FYI: People are all up in your business, because you are a whore, it is obvious, and you keep restating the fact on-line. The world is too small. Can everyone please stop putting his or her business on the social networking sites if you want people to mind their own business!!!

***I speak facts. In no way am I trying to say that I am not guilty of cheating. I just don’t make excuses about it, and at the end of the day, I know that it is a cowardly act. Furthermore, if you are a slut, don’t ask me whether or not I think you’re a slut; I will tell you the truth!***

Now to the main topic: Players Don’t Cheat

This seems pretty straight forward to me, but I guess I need to elaborate. By definition, or at least the way I define the word, a player is someone, male or female, who has many different partners. The player doesn’t make a commitment to any of these partners. He or she makes it perfectly clear that there is no desire to be in a relationship. The goal is simply to have fun. The player will move from partner to partner and can always find a new one. The player is a completely honest person. Being a player is not about deceit; it’s about being desired. There are no lies, no games. Bill Bellamy’s movie ‘How To Be A Player’ wasn’t about a player; it was about a liar. Those women believed that they were special and some even believed they were in a committed relationship with him. A player tells women there is no commitment; you can see whoever you want, and we’ll have fun whenever we link up. The reason this standard has been lowered is the fact that there are not too many people in the world who can be players. Well, I’m talking about men. Any woman can be a player, it’s probably the easiest thing in the world. (Just understand that the term player, whether describing a man or a woman, still means the person is a slut.)

A player has a relaxed, stress free life. He or she can pick up the phone at the drop of a hat and call any one from their contacts and there will be a willing partner. I must reiterate, there is no effort; players just have a certain je ne sais quoi if you will.

Cheaters are often confused with players; cheaters are a completely different animal. People who get involved in committed relationships and then seek a partner on the side, are cowards. They want to be players, but they lack the necessary qualities, so they take the cheap way out. Do everyone else a favor, if you plan on cheating on your partner, don’t introduce them to friends and family. (If anyone thinks that I wrote this to score points with the chicks, YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!! I’m just being truthful. In no way is this post meant to change society or stop people from cheating. I just want to give a clear definition so those who are confused can have a better understanding. In fact, I may cheat in the future; I am no better than any other asshole out there!)

Why do women cheat? Because being a slut is the new chic! That’s it, no other reason. No, she doesn’t cheat because he cheats. That would just make her a whore like him. Cheating is not a reason to cheat—it’s a reason to breakup, or make changes.

Why do men cheat? There are several answers. The first and most basic, is the fact that men are programmed to sleep with as many women as possible. We are conditioned from a very young age. Don’t believe me? The next time you are around a little boy, listen to how many people tell him about all the hearts he is going to break when he gets older. I believe it was a professor at UMass Boston who said, “It is a man’s goal to plant his seeds in as many fields as possible, and it is the woman’s duty to limit her field to one farmer.” (Pretty basic!!!)

Men will also cheat because the other girl has a fatter ass, and she is a known whore. (Ladies, when you see a girl that you don’t like, the last thing you want to tell your boyfriend is, “she’s such a slut!” You might as well give him a pack of condoms and say, “enjoy!”) Men cheat because fucking the same girl can be boring. If his mind is not stimulated, he is going to cheat. There is no woman in the world who is hot enough to keep a man from cheating. Only a woman who can stimulate a man mentally can keep him from cheating. Don’t believe me? Ask Halle Berry. There are many reason’s why men cheat, figure it out for yourself. In no way am I condoning cheating, but sometimes when people try to hold on to a relationship that doesn’t work, cheating will occur.

Women always say, “a man changes after he has sex with a woman!” That is a fact! Men will indeed change after sleeping with a woman, but he doesn’t become a different person, he becomes himself. The actual change takes place when he discovers that he doesn’t want a relationship with the particular woman, so he becomes whoever she wants him to be so he can seal the deal. (Isn’t that such a horrible way to talk about sex? “Seal the deal!” I can recall one instance in which a guy, after being frustrated by a girl’s stalling, actually told her, “let’s get the show on the road!” I love my circle of friends; you can’t make these stories up!!!)

**Advice for women. The next time you are in the mall and you are thinking about what outfit you are going to buy to make your ass look better or your breasts bigger, remember this, “MEN DON’T CARE!” If a guy likes you, he’ll like you no matter what you have on; all that fashion crap is to impress other women. (I’ve never heard a man say, “damn, she’s hot, but that shirt is from target.” If that ever happens, the guy didn’t turn you down because of your outfit, it’s because he’s into guys.) Implants, botox and all that other garbage won’t get it done either. Read a book, get a hobby and improve your personality, a man can only be stimulated by your bodies for so long. Work on what makes you a great person and a wonderful guy will notice! Go to the clubs and sleep around, a wonderful guy will notice! So the next time you think, “there are no good guys out there.” Remember that he probably saw you, sloppy drunk, and hanging all over some guy with a nice car. There may be great guys out there, are you a great girl? If you don’t respect yourself, a man will never respect you!**

**Advice for men. Be yourself. Trying too hard is noticeable!!! I believe the kids are calling it “thirsty!”**

Once a cheater, always a cheater? No, that’s not true. Anyone can learn from a past mistake and become a better person. Just because he or she cheated on a past partner doesn’t mean the pattern will remain the same. The question should never be, “did you cheat?” The more important query is, “why did you cheat?” But the saying is correct when it applies to the same partner. Once a person cheats on you, it’s best to just move on. If your partner can make the decision to disrespect you once, nothing will ever change. If you take this person back, it will just strengthen the belief that you will put up with anything. I know everyone won’t agree with this so, all I’ll say is, good luck getting your partner to stop cheating; have some pride and just move on!

Before any guy becomes vexed by the fact that I am giving away “secrets,” just remember that game is strong and women will always believe that these facts only apply to someone else’s man. You’re good!!! (Actually, if you’re worried about anything souring your game, step it up!)

I often hear people say, “we were meant to be.” No, that’s crazy talk; you sound like a stalker. No one is meant to be. Relationships are not predetermined, they must be created by two people who have similar goals. If the relationship didn’t work out, it’s because the people are incompatible. And there is no such thing as, “we met at the wrong time.” No one throws away a relationship with the right person, regardless of timing. If it works, it will work. The fact that it didn’t work, is because one person is delusional and the other person didn’t see a great future.

Don’t try to change people. They are who they are and they won’t change for you. At least not over the long haul; you are just setting yourself up for failure.

**Women, please stop saying, “I can’t believe he cheated on me with HER, she’s not even cute!” He cheated, because you are annoying, not because you are no longer cute. The new girl is fun and exciting, stop nagging and he won’t cheat. Maybe she is completely different from you, which is what attracted him to her, or she may just be a whore. Either way, I can guarantee you that SHE NEVER NAGS!!!**

A man will have a difficult time respecting a woman who he sleeps with on the first date. Regardless of what he says, he will always remember that she gave it up on the first night. Every man says the same thing, “if I got it on the first night, anyone can get it!” It’s a sure sign of a slut. Ladies, if you are a slut and you want to change your loose morals, you have to make a commitment. Stop fucking everyone! People talk!!! Meet a guy that you like, and let him know that you have made some mistakes in your life. You are now a different person and you want something real. You can do it ladies!!!

Being a whore has nothing to do with desire. It is human nature to be attracted to other people, even if you are in a committed relationship. Sluts are the men and women who can’t control themselves. I never understand why people feel guilty for having feelings for an ex. You will always care for your exes, it doesn’t mean anything, its natural.

I often get the feeling that I am unlucky to be born in the era of “the whore,” but then I realize that whores have been around from the dawn of time. I know I don’t believe in “god” but I love to study religion; it’s amazes me to learn how little people know about their own faith. I may be atheist, but at least I know what I believe!

Recently, while reading my bible, (Yes, I have a bible, a Qur’an, and several other religious texts; I’m a scholar! I wouldn’t talk about how ridiculous faiths are without studying them.) I came across an interesting story. I think everyone should dust off their bibles, and open to the book of Ezekiel; chapter 23: The Two Sisters. Just to give a sample of how much I enjoyed reading the tale, I’ll write down my favorite quote: “Thus she gave herself as a harlot to them, to all the elite of the Assyrians…she did not give up the harlotry which she had begun in Egypt, when they had lain with her as a young girl, fondling her virginal breasts and pouring out their impurities on her.” Ezekiel 23:7-8 (Bible stories! Can’t you just picture gathering all the children around the fireplace on Christmas morning and reading passages from the “good book!”)

If you want to be a good friend, I advise you to tread carefully, when discovering infidelity. Don’t tell your friend to leave the partner who is cheating. Simply state the facts that you have, then say that you will always be there to support any decision. This may not seem like the best approach but it is. Your friend will either stay together with the cheater, or breakup. This decision will be made regardless of what you say. There are too many people who are foolish enough to believe in true love. (True love does not exist. If you take any two people who have relatively close interests, they can create a strong loving relationship. But it will take hard work and an understanding that they have to deny natural urges.) People will often remain in abusive relationships, because they believe that the person who is abusing them will eventually change. I must have missed the part when true love evolved from abuse and disrespect. People come and go. If you aren’t getting everything from your relationship, LEAVE!!! Don’t be sucked in by those who claim to be having fabulous sex lives. They are probably secretly dealing with STDs; herpes is not cool!!! You probably shouldn’t sleep with someone until you fall in love with them, if you want to avoid STDs, but don’t bother heeding my advice!!!

I have stated facts, whether you agree or not doesn’t change anything. You can enjoy a horrible relationship because you know better than I do. Maybe it’s “god’s will!” These are great ways to deal with cheating. If your relationship begins on the wrong foot, there will be cheating. Good luck folks!!!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. At first i thought, no comments? How?? But its probably because most people left this post knowing they’re ‘impure’.
    good stuff!!

  2. As much as I agree with your views, calling a cheater a coward was over the top. The reason nobody talks about this is because its considered taboo and is meant to be kept quite. Men just like to have fun and get their balls lick once in awhile

  3. Damn…..this need to be printed, and sold! This might get you the “Noble Peace Prize”

  4. This is one of ur best so far. Its up there w/virgin birth and why I laugh. This entry is one of my faves because like the other two it deals w/hard truths. I know players and cheaters; cheaters I have no respect for and I often time have called them cowardly but players I understand and while I don’t think being a slut is chic @least there is honesty. When you’re with a player you’re not in a relationship, its just about sex,if u want more find a committed relationship but good luck finding someone faithful! For me, being in love and being delusional often times go hand in hand because how else could you put up with half the crap couples put each other through?! As long as mankind exists I think we’ll never get amorous relationships right, cuz even if u got it your partner will eventually fuck it up. That’s why I believe that the only kind of relationships worth stressing over are close family and true friendships because in those u have every right to expect love,respect and honesty. But when I’m in an amorous relationship and it doesn’t work out, I’m not shocked maybe a bit hurt but that too shall pass and I give myself credit cuz @least I tried so as the great Jay Z says: On to the next one…til he cheats!

    1. That’s pretty much how I feel about relationships. I’ll try, but when I’m let down, I just move on. I’m not heartless, just a realist. Thanks for the continued support!

  5. Realism is the way to go! I support because its good, once it starts to suck, I’ll stop! So don’t fuck it up!!!

  6. Men don’t always cheat by stringing women along so it’s hard for me to agree that all cheaters are cowards or that a slip up might be considered a cowardly act. I’m not labeling it as positive, but it can sometimes be something other than a cowardly act. Example…A man is in a two year relationship with a woman who stimulates his mind and he is super attracted to. Everything is working out well. He’s been loyal throughout and has no desire to hang out with or sleep with other women. The man goes on a Vegas trip with the fellas for the weekend, meets a girl in a club he is extremely attracted to and the poor bastard has been sipping black label all night. The woman makes her intentions clear. Harmones and liquor kick in and they take it back to the hotel room. He wakes up feeling bad, but admits to himself it was a great time and he’ll never see her again anyway. He goes back home and continues his relationship as if nothing ever happened. How would you label this?

    1. Pretty easy example. Clear case of cheating and a cowardly act. If he cared about the girl and wanted to continue a relationship, there would be no slip-up. The guy who truly cares for the girl would have taken her on a trip and told the fellas, “no thanks!” A relationship means giving up the single life…people seem to forget that. We live in a society in which morals are no longer important. “Everyone is doing it so it, so it must be right!” Dead wrong! There is no excuse for cheating! People will try to justify anything…we all need to face reality. Cheating is the result of being selfish! Would you care if a girl you were dating slept with someone on a vacation? German philosopher Kant said, “act on that moral which you can determine to be a universal law.” That means that we should make decisions based on whether or not we think everyone should make the same decision. Would you want to live in a world in which every person in a relationship, goes on vacation and sleeps around. I wouldn’t!

  7. There must be some chick you’re trying to Like I said, im not calling it a positive thing and I agree with your views on what a relationship should be. I for example have not taken a single guys trip since committing to a relationship(there have been plenty of opportunities). I just think its a selfish act and not cowardly act

    1. It is selfish, but I say cowardly because the guy ends up hurting the girl, and that’s wrong! A man should be able to always remain honest. Only cowards lie, because telling someone the truth is scary! I am not trying to impress anyone-I really believe what I say! I’m the first to admit that there is no man who can be a bigger asshole than me when it comes to relationships!

  8. Don’t forget….men cheat because women are too demanding. I may never ask you for anything during our whole relationship, but if i ask for a BJ don’t look at me like i have 4 heads and say, ” I dont do that!” Get on your knees and go to work!!

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