This Actually Happened – June 2nd, 2012

Worst Porn Experience Ever This week’s story is true, but it does not involve me. The tale comes from Dakhalia, Egypt. Apparently, a man named “Ramadan” decided to disobey his lord and savior, Mohammad, by searching the internet for pornography. {Read actual story here: Egyptian Wife Porn Star} Before I continue, let me make it […]

Death Penalty & The U

****I will reveal my biased opinion of The University of Miami before I discuss the matter at hand!****      I have always hated the University of Miami. “Of course you do; you’re a Gators fan and they are one of the interstate rivals!” No! When I say I have always hated the University of Miami, […]

I Knew It

The second article from which inspired me to write an entry is titled Porn, Novelty and the Coolidge Effect written by Gary Wilson. (Sorry for the inference, but there will be no mention of any pornographic material, porn stars, or any type of videoed activity!) Wilson’s article delves deeper into the subject than I […]

Players Don’t Cheat

One cannot address relationships without first mentioning the mythical double standard. There isn’t a guy in the world who hasn’t heard a woman say, “if men can do it, women can too!” I agree. In fact, no statement could be more truthful. Women can do exactly what men do; there is no difference. “Wait? You […]