What happened To Us

The purpose of this blog is to entertain, but sometimes there are exceptions. I didn’t want to share these feelings with my readers but someone once told me that if it is real, I shouldn’t be afraid to let the world know. I’m going to be honest and admit that I attempted to write this […]

Twitter v Facebook

The two dollar and fifty cent question is, “Which is better?” (For those of you who ball harder than $2.50…Congrats!) Obviously, the answer to the BIG question is completely subjective. Deciding which is better is also based on who your friends are! (There is no way of knowing which social media site is better without […]

Players Don’t Cheat

One cannot address relationships without first mentioning the mythical double standard. There isn’t a guy in the world who hasn’t heard a woman say, “if men can do it, women can too!” I agree. In fact, no statement could be more truthful. Women can do exactly what men do; there is no difference. “Wait? You […]