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For this week’s entries:

I will post an e-mail to a friend which I sent following an “interesting” experience that occurred in 1999. This post will show that my style of storytelling has been with me for years. I actually wrote these for sheer fun!

I’ll also discuss bullying. Is it a rite of passage, or unnecessary? Maybe it’s both!


Yesterday, I mentioned something about an update. Here it is:

     Shamu is growing at a rapid pace. His appetite is out of control. Thank “god” he is not religious, because he would be going straight to hell. I’ve never seen a bigger commandment breaker. He steals the algae pellets that we place in the tank for the Pleco, murders most of his tank mates, and eats like a gluttonous NFL offensive lineman at a dinner buffet. Watching him eat is like watching a maid vacuum a dirty rug. He literally engulfs everything in sight. His name should be Hoover!

Surprisingly, one of the feeders at the top of picture 21, in August 20th’s post, remains alive. I have no idea how he is still with us. The Pleco is also in the tank. Unfortunately, the twins didn’t make it. (RIP)

Shamu loves to eat krill (They are frozen and have to be defrosted.), live fish, pellets, flakes, bloodworms (Same process as krill.), frozen fish (ditto), and live worms. The worms are fairly large and come in a small container filled with dirt; they have to remain in the fridge. I use a plastic spoon to scoop them out and place them into the tank. It’s pretty nasty, but fun to watch! The live fish simply swim at the top of the tank until they are eaten. (Survival of the Fittest at it’s very best!)

We also place some live Cray fish into the tank. They are larger than the blue Crays pictured in the last post, but they are a welcome treat. The first time, I placed two of the Crays into the tank and they were fairly aggressive; you would think they bought the tank. The Crays walked wherever they wanted and didn’t seem fazed by the presence of the large serial killer. (Let’s be honest, Shamu has killed more than Troy Davis!) TOO SOON?

After a couple hours, one of the Crays was “missing.” The other one must have witnessed the carnage because he ran to the corner and hid. He eventually dug a hole under a rock and stayed there for several days. I thought he was smart enough to survive, but nature took its course and Shamu caught him slipping. He is no longer with us. (Damn shame what happened to that crustacean!) I’ll continue to place more Cray fish in the tank because it’s best to give the Red tail a varied diet.

Until next time…

**Soon, Shamu will be eating live mice!**

Latest picture of Shamu

Cray fish: hiding behind rock to avoid Shamu


For those who don’t know, the state of Florida has three storied college football teams. The only problem is the fact that the University of Miami and Florida State University have reached the end of their respective stories. The University of Florida is the lone remaining dominant school.

This season was supposed to be the revival for the other two schools. All I heard from their fans is how they are “back!” Turns out I was right; they are not back. If anything, they have regressed! The Gators remain undefeated (4-0) with blowout wins and the nation’s best run defense. How good is the run-D? In the game against our hated rivals, the University of Tennessee, the Volunteers finished the game with a total of negative nine (-9) rushing yards.

Our coaching staff is the best and our players are the most talented. Unlike other schools we play straight up and smack teams in the mouth. We’re not like the scrubs in Tallahassee and Coral Gables. They play run defense like @Efidalgo12’s future wife, there are always at least eight guys in the box! (Enjoy that one and reuse it; it’s my gift!)

Miami is 2-2, with losses to MARY-land and Kansas State. (In case you were wondering, those teams suck!) Florida State lost, at home, to a tough Clemson team and to Oklahoma. Great teams have to win those tough home games. The Seminoles are also 2-2.

Florida 48 – Kentucky 10

BIG game next week; Alabama is coming to town. GO GATORS!

Enjoy this wonderful football Sunday and thanks for the continued support!


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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