This Actually happened – September 24th, 2011

Only In New York New Jersey

On Monday, I traveled to New Jersey for Monday Night Football. The New York Giants were hosting the St. Louis Rams. (Yes, the New York football teams play in New Jersey!) No, I haven’t switched my allegiance; I am still a loyal Broncos fan. My cousin‘s boyfriend plays for the Rams and he provided us with tickets; big THANKS to the two of them! It was a great experience! Due to the fact that the Rams were the visiting team, the seats were literally at the top of the stadium. MetLife Stadium is unbelievable so any seat would have been great. The seats turned out to be perfect. There were several Rams’ fans in the area so we didn’t have to be surrounded by annoying Giants’ fans! GO BOSTON! The reason I’ll never forget the experience is what happened a few rows in front of us. One of New York’s proud citizens had a bit too much to drink. He couldn’t hold his liquor and puked all over the guy who was seated in front of him. (It was hilarious. Well, for everyone except the recipient!) The victim quickly stood up and yelled, “What the Fuck!” The culprit, who was too drunk to grasp the severity of the situation, simply shrugged his shoulders and gave the sorry-I’m-a-douche face. I was expecting the guy to get pummeled, but he was clearly already destroyed. Cooler heads prevailed and nothing happened. At the end of the game, there was an empty seat with a red, vomit-soaked, Giants’ jersey underneath. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

 Objects in the picture were closer than they appear!

Tune in to ESPN at 7pm (Eastern Standard Time) and watch the Gators destroy Kentucky for their fourth win of the season!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a preview of next week’s posts!

I will also give a brief update of Shamu! (Read the post from August 20th if you have no idea what I am talking about!)


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