What’s All The Complaining About

People like to complain. Sometimes they are justified, but usually people complain so much that the whining falls on deaf ears. These days, everyone seems to have a gripe.

Has working hard become a lost art?

     Is this truly a man’s world? I don’t think so. Women have more rights than they seem to want to acknowledge. First of all, there’s Valentine’s Day. Anyone who argues that men share in the enjoyment of such a useless holiday is clearly an idiot. (People have always believed that men break-up with their girlfriends after the Super Bowl in January, but they are mistaken. Men break-up because they don’t want to deal with the world’s most useless day, not because they are depressed that football is over! Fuck You St. Valentine; the patron saint of being whipped!)

Women also have Mother’s Day. When it comes to special days, Father’s Day pales in comparison, but men don’t care and they don’t complain. (Give daddy a tie on his “special day,” he doesn’t care!) What is it about a woman that makes her so needy? You would think that Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day would be enough, but no! Women aren’t satisfied; they need more! No man wants to deal with the complaining so we all oblige. You can have your extra, “special celebrations!” The entire month of October has been dedicated to women. The month has been officially named Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I appreciate women and have no problem with any of the aforementioned celebrations. People deserve to be appreciated; especially mothers. Well, at least the good moms!

“Great, they’re satisfied—right?” No! Not even close. “Women need more; are you kidding me? What else can we do?” Give them another day!

That’s where September comes in. Women have one more special day, dedicated to all of their suffering. “OH, I didn’t know there was a day dedicated to the Women’s Suffrage Movement!” No, there isn’t. I’m talking about their other suffering…Child Birth!

Any woman, who has ever had a child, can attest to the pain of child birth. I can’t comprehend the agony, and I’m glad I don’t have to experience it for myself. (The guys who say, “If I could take your place and take away the pain, I would,” are complete bullshitters! No man wants to go through the pangs of child bearing!)

There are a few women who suffer very little while giving birth. Other women hate these lucky few! (If you had an easy labor, keep it to yourself. Other women don’t want to hear about it!)

When it comes to child birth, who can forget the most famous birth of all? No, not Jesus and the wise men; I’m talking about actual births; not mythical ones! The world’s most unforgettable birth was performed on a woman named Aurelia Cotta. “Who the hell is that?” She was the mother of Julius Caesar. The former Roman Consul was born by C-section, and the procedure is named after him.

I love the fact that the church decided to blame the pain of child birth, on Eve. The church teaches that Eve disobeyed “god” when she ate the apple and forced Adam to do the same. (Yes, she forced him; he was pussy whipped!) It is believed that women suffer a painful child birth as punishment from “god.” I just love how religion operates!

I truly hope women all over the country appreciate ANOTHER special day. Although I honestly feel that this day is completely unnecessary, on this 5th day of September, I say to all women, “HAPPY LABOR DAY!” (This has to be enough!)



Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Haha! Don’t give Labor to moms, This holiday is for labor workers. It’s true guys don’t care. On mothers day, last year my son’s mom asked why didn’t get her anything, I replyed your not my mother. Women’s try to abuse these holidays. Smh

  2. Thank-you for appreciating women!! I definitely agree w/ you about women having more rights than we think we do, however I disagree w/ ur statement about being needy. I think that at times men can be just as needy as women. The difference is that they know how to hide it & those that know how to play this game can even “flip the script” to make it seem as if it’s all on her. Obviously there are situations where the neediness can be toxic (i.e. when ppl get desperate), but that’s a whole diff topic! …as for the holidays, you forgot to mention that march is women’s history month!! I think that valentines day is just another overrated holiday for florists, hallmark, chocolate & jewelry companies to rip off consumers and put them into more debt. Now don’t get me wrong, I like all of the above and am grateful for the gifts I’ve received. However, I feel that love can be celebrated everyday & there are many different ways to show love for another person & not only through materialism…happy labor day mr. teixeira! don’t work too hard 😉

    1. I am extremely disappointed in my research staff. I can’t believe we missed the fact that women’s history month is in March! Thank you for providing the info. At today’s staff meeting, there will be hell to pay! Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy your Labor Day! Don’t drink too hard!

      P.S. I’m glad to see that Jane Doe is alive and well. The people on CSI must have gotten the name wrong when they said Jane Doe was a murder victim!

      1. haha! there was a discrenpancy with the script. in fact, i’m doing awesome :)despite the fact that i have to work on labor day. i’m trying to cut back on the drinking, but it’s more diff than i thought. got any suggestions? …that’s ok; it’s not popular anyway, well at least in the USA (they try to bring attention to international women’s day (which is in march), but i don’t think they’ve succeeded)…

        1. As far as cutting back on the drinking, I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’m planning on increasing my alcohol intake since it’s football season! If you find a solution, please feel free to pass along the info.

  3. Please clarify… Why does ‘has working hard become a lost art?’ look like a heading and is bold print? And why did u ask why everyone is complaining the proceeded to complain about holidays for women? I do agree, the days you mentioned and several others are blown out of proportion jokes. That’s why Thanksgiving is still my favorite. Food, drinks, family and a long weekend…doesn’t get better than that!
    Oh! and tell your research team I believe the Julius Caesar/ c-section think is a myth.. I believe it derives from the Latin ‘caesa’, which means cut..I could be wrong

    1. Yeah, know it’s a myth, some people even add that his mother died, which is untrue. But myths are awesome, just ask the believers. I wrote the question in bold, because people don’t like to work hard anymore. Everyone wants to be celebrated for doing nothing.
      I wasn’t complaining about the days for women, I ihad to add all that to complete the transformation of labor day.

  4. You’re right about Valentines Day but its not women’s fault only its the fault of all the dumb people that fall for it. How many times have you seen a stupid, clueless, pathetic excuse of a man in the mall running around like a chicken with his head cut off going from store to store buying his girlfriend a bunch of useless tacky gifts that not even a baby would play with! Have u seen some of those ugly ass teddy bears and tacky plastic flowers…eeewww! As for mother’s day, you’re right again. It definitely outshines fathers day. But that’s because women know how to give themselves their place. Like u said, since men don’t care father’s day is just that another day where dad’s get a bunch of ties.
    But really? October?! I don’t remember myself or my breasts getting any kind of special recognition on that month. Except a bunch of football players wearing pink ribbons during their games. Is there a special gift I’m supposed to receive on that month? Oh yea, I’m suppose to be aware that breast cancer is among one of the leading causes of death for women…what a gift!!!! And let’s not forget that breast cancer affects men also.
    “Labor Day” doesn’t just have to be for women. We can all enjoy this magical day! Peter, I suggest you and any other guy who may be feeling left out or annoyed @ all the “attention” women get, pull a watermelon out of their ass, while everyone stands around and tell you :you can do it! You’re doing great! Almost there!” And then have some ass take the watermelon away hold it up and act like he did all the work! Let me know what time I should show up with my video camera, because of course such a beautiful moment must be recorded. Oh and I’ll make sure to bring cigars and alcohol, but you can’t have any cuz you’ll be in delicate condition. HAPPY LABOR DAY, you Dumbass!

  5. What?! Say no more!! I am truly sorry Peter! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt sorrier for you…and that’s saying a lot 😉

  6. I just want to take a moment to encourage you to keep your blog rolling… I look forward to reading every morning. I don’t do facebook so its this, then Boston.com, ESPN and I’m off

  7. only cheap ass MEN complain about holidays when they are supposed to show their women appreciation

    1. If you are making a general statement claiming that men who complain about holidays are cheap, that’s fine. If you interpreted my post to be a complaint from me about holidays, you are completely mistaken. I was only kidding. The entire post was meant to be silly! I hope you didn’t miss that fact! I am not cheap. I do believe that Valentine’s Day is ridiculous, but every other girl will receive a gift, so any guy who doesn’t oblige is probably a jerk. (Don’t allow your girl to be the only one who doesn’t have a special day!)

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