What A Way To Spend The Day

Sunday started off pretty normal; except for the fact that the first game began at 10am. We agreed to meet a friend of ours at a bar called Happy Ending, near the heart of Hollywood. Unbeknownst to us, the place was a New York themed establishment. The bartender wore his lucky Giants jersey and Big […]

These Things Happen

In this post, I hope to clear up some misconceptions. I also want to give a better understanding of why I think the way I do. For some reason, there are those who seem to think that I am some angry, bitter person who writes in order to take out my frustrations on all that […]

What’s All The Complaining About

People like to complain. Sometimes they are justified, but usually people complain so much that the whining falls on deaf ears. These days, everyone seems to have a gripe. Has working hard become a lost art?      Is this truly a man’s world? I don’t think so. Women have more rights than they seem to […]