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In my previous post, I mentioned Jerry DeWitt. He is the first graduate of the Clergy Project. The purpose of the organization is to assist ranking members of religious institutions, from all faiths, with their transition to the real world. Apparently, there are many people who are leading double lives. These men and women preach to their respective faiths by day, but are atheists by night. (I had no idea!)

When I stop to think about it, I shouldn’t be surprised; I believe the more someone learns about religion, the closer the individual will move towards atheism. If you have a desire to learn more about the organization, or feel an obligation to help out your religious leader, here is the website! The Clergy Project

It’s great to see religious leaders staying true to themselves and leaving their faiths. It’s one thing for people to have faith, but convincing others of something that you don’t believe in, seems pretty evil. I may be wrong but this may be the beginning of a major exodus from religion to atheism. (The future is looking bright!)

To me, the most interesting comment I heard came from Jerry DeWitt. He wondered if the Pope was an atheist. At first, the question seems ridiculous, but after giving the matter some thought I realized that the Pope may indeed be an atheist. Honestly, the entire College of Cardinals may be made up of atheists. In fact, I think everyone is an atheist, deep down inside. People are just too afraid to face reality.

The biggest enemy of faith is and will always be reason. Faith and Reason have never been able to get along.

“Why?” You ask. It all started when they were children.

Faith and Reason grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same high school. For years, Faith was bullied by Reason. Each day, Faith would attempt to find a new route to school in order to escape the torment, but Reason always found his little buddy and made life a living hell.

The bullying continued while the two were in high school, but the situation was not typical. This was not your basic dumb jock taking out his frustrations on the school nerd; Reason is a genius and Faith is a complete imbecile.

When asked about his son’s grades, Faith’s dad said, “my son ain’t know much about no fancy book learning.”

It was no surprise when Faith failed to graduate. In fact, his mother once said, “he has about a dead rooster’s chance of winning a cock fight!”

Reason, on the other hand, went on to great success after college. He’s a multi-Billionaire who hangs out with the Dos Equis man!

Faith was a horrible student, but he went on to acquire great wealth. He became a con man and spent his Sunday’s manipulating people out of their hard-earned money. The two have never been able to become friends because faith knows that Reason has the ability to shine a light on his scam. (Faith is a complete asshole!)

     Now that you understand why Reason is the enemy of Faith, let’s take a journey inside the numbers.

***I found these numbers online and they may not be accurate. It doesn’t really matter, I only need an estimate. I’m only going to focus on the five major religions, excluding the traditional Chinese religion. (400 Million)***

World Population: 6.9 Billion

Christianity: 2.5 Billion

Islam: 1.6 Billion

Buddhism: 400 Million

Judaism: 14.5 Million

Hinduism: 1 Billion

Atheists: 150 Million

Both Buddhism and Hinduism have many deities and are different from the each other and the other three faiths. This difference makes it impossible for the two faiths to be real; at least one has to be complete bull manure. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam disagree on prophets but all three religions share the same “god,” so we can bunch them together.

Basically, there are three different “god” systems and they cannot all co-exist. We are left with at least two major systems, with millions of followers, which are completely wrong. Let’s assume that the “god” of the Bible and Quran is real. That would mean that Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, and the earth’s remaining population are wrong. In this example, the numbers reveal that 4 Billion people failed to accept “god.” (This is the best case scenario for faith and I bunched in three different religions in an effort to increase the numbers!)

If atheists are right, that would mean that ninety percent of the world’s population believes in complete nonsense. (How the hell did this happen?)

Attempting to convince a believer that atheists are right is like sending someone into the jungle and telling them to explain to an indigenous person, who believes that the earth is stationary, about the solar system and how the earth is orbiting the sun and spinning on its axis. You can talk about all the scientific facts you want, but when he asks you why the two of you are not moving, there is no chance of enlightening the ignorant. (Good luck with that!)

Believers can thank their “god” that all this reason nonsense is meaningless. (Keep treading blindly!)


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. You make a compelling arguement. Like all good atheists you know your religions. I am a believer I guess who is not a complete zealost. And the bit about the Pope was very funny. I belive in God just not religion.

      1. Good stuff..Same here.. Believe in a higher power, just not in the way most humans think of it.

  2. I believe to universe is big, we are not alone, I don’t belive, one higher power create us. I also do not believe, some one is actually making a check list of all our sin’s and wrong doing.

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