There Is Nothing To Fear

Recently, I received a recommendation to review an article from The piece was written by Dr. Ken Eisold and titled The Fear of Atheism. Apparently, the United States has more in common with “lesser developed” nations, than other “Western” countries. Basically, Dr. Eisold believes that most Americans are overly religious and afraid of atheists. […]

Misinformed Children

When it comes to being creative and pushing the envelope, I’m all about allowing artists to use their creativity to entertain their fellow human beings, but there has to be some accountability. As a society, we need to educate the children before we poison their minds with ridiculous notions. Although I am an atheist, I […]

I Thought I Was Patriotic

For today’s post, my initial idea was to bleep out random words of well-known pieces such as the Gettysburg Address or the Pledge of Allegiance. I excitedly copied the Gettysburg Address into Microsoft Word (Even though I know the first paragraph by heart since I was forced to memorize the speech by my sixth grade […]

This Actually Happened – May 25th, 2012

Can Anything Go Right On a Sunday, a few months ago, I brought home my car. That was the day I discovered that the gas gauge was broken. (Thankfully, the gauge was in a temporary coma; it works perfectly now!) The following Monday was a holiday and I had a new “special” route to complete. […]

Man vs Food

Man vs Food is a television program on the Travel Channel. A guy name Adam Richman travels throughout the United States and attempts to finish the country’s most difficult food challenges. Many of the over-sized dishes are too much for our hero to consume in the allotted time, usually an hour, but the episodes are […]

The Devil Inside

A few days ago, a friend of mine recommended this movie and I agreed to write about my thoughts. In the past, movies about exorcism would scare the bejesus out of me. (Is the word bejesus blasphemous?) If you look back at most of the exorcism horror films, you will notice that they are pretty […]

What happened To Us

The purpose of this blog is to entertain, but sometimes there are exceptions. I didn’t want to share these feelings with my readers but someone once told me that if it is real, I shouldn’t be afraid to let the world know. I’m going to be honest and admit that I attempted to write this […]