Bagging Up Season 2 – Episode 3

Season 2: Episode 1   Episode 2 INT. BARTHOLOMEW’S APARTMENT Simon wasn’t home, but Judas found him at Bartholomew’s place. BARTHOLOMEW What’s up mas puto. The guys laugh. JUDAS What the hell does that mean? SIMON We’re not really sure, but we think it means super gay, in Spanish. JUDAS When did you guys start speaking […]

Another Step Closer

I reached another step on my long road to becoming the Deli Devil. (If you have no idea what I am referring to, read my previous post: This Actually Happened – October 15th) Step eight: have some experience killing the same type of thing, repeatedly. In my case, I have been an insect serial killer […]


Independence is a funny thing, especially in the United States of America. The recent celebrations during the Fourth of July confused me. I now live in California and I was stunned to see all of the festivities. Massachusetts earned the right to celebrate Independence Day, along with the other original twelve colonies (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New […]

A Look Inside

This post is a look inside the inner workings of my mind. There is an ongoing battle between me and my mind, each night. I attempt to go to sleep and my mind wanders into the land of random thoughts. Unless I’m extremely exhausted, at least an hour goes by before I fall asleep. Thankfully, […]