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Due to a busy workday, I’ll make this post short. I’m not sure what’s going on back home in Boston, but out here in California, we are getting raped on a daily basis. The gas prices are out of control. A few days ago, I saw a news report that said there is one place, not too far from where I live, where the price is $5.69 a gallon. That was the price; I have no idea how high the price is now. It turns out that in California, the gas stations near the freeway have a custom of charging more than other stations. (I’m guessing this trend varies from state to state, because in Boston, the Hess by the highway is fairly cheap!) I travel for work, so I’m at the gas station all the time. I go to a station a few streets away, because the one around the corner belongs to a guy who is a jerk. (We don’t support his business!) ***If you are ever in the NOHO arts district and you happen by the 76 gas station on the corner of Burbank and Lankershim, do me a favor and keep driving!*** Luckily, my station is only a couple blocks away and the price is at $4.31. (Unbelievable! This place is one of the cheapest around!) Most gas stations are at least thirty cents higher. The prices are jumping around on a daily basis; earlier this week, my station was at $4.09. I’m there so often, that I walk up and the attendant asks, “The usual?” Hopefully, we can overtake an oil producing country and get these prices back to a reasonable price. I suggest Equatorial Guinea; I just saw a report on the “Royal Family.” Apparently, the President has been in power for over 30 years and his son is being groomed to take control once he dies. The country makes billions off oil and the family steals most of it. “The Prince” purchased a 30 million dollar home in Malibu and, along with his fleet of cars, he owns a 35 million dollar jet. (The citizens of this oil-rich nation are among the world’s poorest!) Some people are pure evil, but when the U.S, needs your oil, you get a free pass.

I wonder if Obama knows that this guy is a scumbag!

    That’s all for this post!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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