Crazy World

Previously, I wrote about not wanting children. To read the post, click this link: You Can Keep Your Legacy. A few days ago, I found another great reason not to want children; this world is crazy. You can be a perfect parent, raise your child to be a wonderful person, but there is almost nothing that anyone can do to prevent some loner from entering a school building and destroying the lives of several families.

I guess you can home-school, but even then, what happens if your child is a crazy psycho who walks into the house and decides that he doesn’t want to learn anymore; even worse, what if your child ends up being the outcast who walks into a school and kills the classmates who bullied him. (That has to be a parent’s worst nightmare!)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I would much rather be the parent of one of the victims than the parent of the killer. Either way, you’ll lose your child, but I just think society blames the parents when children fail to behave properly. (I know that many people will say that I have no idea what I am talking about because I never lost a child and I can’t comprehend the hurt, but to those people I say, you never lost a child so how the heck do you know the pain is so great!)

The way I see it, if I don’t have a child, I won’t have to be involved in this situation. There are many great reasons to have children, but I’m enjoying the freedom of being independent and only responsible for myself. (If you have a child, I’m sure it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to you, but I don’t need too many great things!)

I would discuss the actual incident, but I don’t think people should gain fame for committing heinous crimes. The teen-killer should not receive the death penalty. (we definitely shouldn’t forgive him and allow “god” to punish him!) I think he should have to live every single day with the memory of his action. A couple overzealous inmates making him their prized possession on a nightly basis, seems like a worse fate than lethal injection! (I’m also not adverse to allowing the prison guards to torture the kid. Send him to Abu Ghraib and let them show him some U.S. Military hospitality!)


***I am well aware that the United States military has a policy of not torturing prisoners!***

     I think homeschooling is the way to go! (If you don’t believe children can become wonderful human beings due to homeschooling, please allow me to remind you that The Great Tim Tebow was home-schooled!)


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Great blog! I don’t want children either.
    P.S. Let me remind you that Tim Tebow had wonderful luck… Home schooling blows!

  2. I think home schooling has its advantages and disadvantages. The one on one attention the child gets is beneficial but they miss out on the social aspect of going to school with their peers and that can affect them later in life.

    Having children is scary and a gamble. You just don’t know what you’re gonna get. No matter how you raise your child there’s still the risk that they will be a fucked up individual! I think for me having a dog is stressful enough, seriously. If you’re a good owner, like me, you take the responsibility of caring for your dog very seriously and it can be stressful not to mention costly! I think I’ll stick to raising dogs because the worst they can do is bite someone and for that there are rabie shots!

  3. They are probably 1 billion kids in the world, you guys are bent-out-of-shape but maybe 3 times. Year you hear about some sacked out kid going crazy in school….Smh….there are 1 millions plus sides to having a child. Thinking negative isn’t the way to go….Big dream for my little Baseball/Football player and President of the U.S.A.

  4. Nothing against having kids. I think kids are great and a blessing to those that have them. Kudos to all those amazing parents out there! Its an immense responsibility and I’m sure you’ll agree that once you have kids, its their needs over yours always, as it should be. I just think that having kids can come with many issues because no matter how hard u try to raise your children to be good citizens, like our friend Peter said, its a “crazy world” and they can turn out to be all kinds of insane! So for me, while I enjoy children, other people’s, I’d rather not take on the responsibility. When/if my desire for children outweighs my concern for the direction this world is heading then sure I’ll pop out a few rugrats! For now, I’m all about the dogs!

    1. I understand this cruel world is a scary place. Planned kids are the way to go. I wanna know if there any statistics that show the crazy kids was child of accidents….????

      1. Unfortunately, I think that even if planned kids can still turn out warped or parents who thought they could handle the responsibility are overwhelmed and mess up or the harsh realities of the world still affect the child.

        But my intentions aren’t to disuade anyone from having kids. If you want them and you think you’re ready go for it! We could use some good future leaders in this planet cuz the one’s we got now are screwing it all up! But that’s a convo for a different post!

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