Man vs Food

Man vs Food is a television program on the Travel Channel. A guy name Adam Richman travels throughout the United States and attempts to finish the country’s most difficult food challenges. Many of the over-sized dishes are too much for our hero to consume in the allotted time, usually an hour, but the episodes are […]

The Borgias

Recently, I watched the first three episodes of Showtime’s hit series the Borgias. I first learned about this wonderfully Catholic family in Mario Puzo’s book; The Family. This is the historic family which produced two of my favorite Popes; Alexander VI and his son (Yes, you read that correctly) Julius II. I’m not going to […]

We Meet A Genius

Our internet is scheduled to be installed today. (Hopefuly!) I really don’t feel like writing on my phone, so this post will be short and to the point. On Saturday, we traveled to Compton to purchase a television. (For some reason, we thought the store on Crenshaw Blvd was the closest location, but we were […]

Who Approved These (3)

Who Approved These 1  Who Approved These 2 Waste of Money: Due to my appearance at a fundraiser, for the children, I will only review one commercial for this post. This week’s bad ad is from Nutrisystem. I understand that hiring a famous celebrity is a great way to promote a product, but this company […]

Who Approved These (2)

Who Approved These Click the link to read the previous review! Due to a lack of interest, I watched less television this week. I’m just kidding, I always have an interest for television, but the departure date for the move to Los Angeles is less than three weeks away and I’ve been busy. For this […]

Who Approved These

This will be a new weekly post. There are great commercials on television, but some of the ad agencies are failing to deliver the goods. Creating an entertaining thirty second spot for a product is great, but entertainment is not the purpose of advertising; the point of a commercial is to sell a product. Allow […]