Someone Should Tell These Sharks That Gluttony Is A Sin

If you are not a regular reader of this blog you may not know that I love sharks. To read about my affection to the killer swimmers, read this previous post: My Obsession With Sharks. Yesterday, I saw one of the coolest events ever. (I didn’t actually witness the event, but I saw the video […]

This Actually Happened – August 20th, 2011

Tank Life   Many people are under the impression that aquarium fish live boring lives and they have no personality. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fish in our two aquariums have their own personalities and quirks. (I say our aquarium since I share an apartment with two of my cousins.) This is […]

My Obsession With Sharks

My kinship with sharks began in the 80’s, exactly how you would expect–the 1975 blockbuster, ‘Jaws.’ I loved watching the movie, but I was terrified of sharks. I can recall being eight years-old and begging my mother to pay for swimming lessons at the Huntington Ave YMCA. (The first person who posts a video of […]