A Big Misconception

The way I see it, the citizens of the United States have been lied to. Ask anyone who lives outside of Los Angeles about the city’s public transit system and you’ll most likely get the same answer; “you must have a car in to live in LA!” I am not sure who created this myth […]

Still Adjusting

Life on the West Coast is completely different. I am having a difficult time getting into a writing routine. The biggest challenge seems to be my ability to figure out the time. The good news is the fact that this adjustment period is to be expected and I know, eventually, I will settle into a […]

This Actually Happened – November 5th, 2011

Charlie Challenge This has been an extremely busy weekend so I have decided to postpone the next episode until Monday. I will write another, this actually happened entry. Due to the fact that I am doubling-up this week, I will change the usual one paragraph format. Unbeknownst to me, my driver’s license expired in April. […]