White House Phone Tap

Obviously, this video is a parody, because we don’t have any access to any government anything. (Even if we did, I would never risk my freedom by leaking such classified information!) This project started like any other. We were sitting in our apartment, here in sunny Southern California, a catapults’ hurl from the unforgiving New […]

We Already Knew That

Apparently, the people at WikiLeaks uncovered sensitive e-mails which prove that Osama Bin Laden was never actually buried at sea. It appears that the United States government flew the body back to an America military mortuary. Click on the link to read the story. Bin Laden Burial I added this pic because I thought it […]

Bad Bear

Regardless of anyone’s political views, meeting the President of the United States of America is and will always be an honor. This week, Boston Bruins goalie and Stanley Cup Finals MVP, Tim Thomas allowed one to slip past his pads. (Right through the five-hole) Missing the opportunity to stand at the White House and to […]

Some People Will Believe Anything

KIM JONG-IL      The season ending episode of Bagging Up will be posted tomorrow. This entry will be about the late North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Il. I am not concerned with his politics or human rights record; there are evil people all over this planet. What fascinates me about the “Supreme Leader,” is the weird […]

My Interview With Barack Obama

Everyone has watched one of the many “fun with audio” videos. For this entry, I have a little fun, with actual words! This is my revealing interview with the 44th President of the United States of America. ENJOY! Me: “Mr. President, first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to […]

But I Heard It On The News

The media is great for keeping up with current events. If there is a war in some foreign land, the news will be reported throughout the various outlets. (Twitter seems to be the fastest source these days.) I feel it is important to pay attention to current events, but don’t believe everything that is reported. […]

Bush v Obama

Friends, Bostonians, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I have come here to bury Barack, not to praise him! (A little plagiarizing never hurt anyone!) Before I compare the two Presidents, I first want to say, I love how people call Barack Obama “Barry.” Is this some effort to make him seem more American and less […]