Another Step Closer

I reached another step on my long road to becoming the Deli Devil. (If you have no idea what I am referring to, read my previous post: This Actually Happened – October 15th) Step eight: have some experience killing the same type of thing, repeatedly. In my case, I have been an insect serial killer […]

This Actually Happened – October 15th, 2011

Road To Becoming A Serial Killer If you were expecting to read about a glutinous man who devours an astounding amount of breakfast cereal, you will be sadly disappointed. This is my realization that I am probably on a path to becoming a notorious serial killer. Most people believe serial killers are crazy men who […]

Georgia, Texas, & Arizona Get It Right

I honestly never heard of Troy Davis prior to yesterday. I decided to Google his name once my Facebook and Twitter pages were full of supportive posts. I was so annoyed when I discovered the facts; people are outrageous. The guy is a convicted killer! Tell me if you ever heard this from an inmate. […]