Baggin Up – Episode 11

Episode 1   Episode 2    Episode 3  Episode 4   Episode 5   Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8   Episode 9  Episode 10 INT. Philip’s Apartment Philip invited the guys over so they can meet Kimberly. Although Philip wanted to pick up his fiance from the airport, she will arrive by taxi because she wants to freshen […]

Unconventional Endings

I’ll save my review of Lee Strobel’s book for next week. (Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a believer!)      Sometimes, I get weird thoughts which give me endless hours of enjoyment. A few days ago, I came up with a concept for different scenarios which I thought would be funny, or just plain horrible. In […]

Not Hood Enough

Although I grew up in the inner city, I can now look back on my life and admit that I didn’t get the full experience. There were many wonderful opportunities to fit into a stereotype which I missed out on; here is a list of the reasons I believe I am “not hood enough!” Each […]

Is Pimping Wrong

Studying history will help us to understand the world we live in. There have been many evil people who walked the earth, but the pimp is the worst form of human life known to man. Sadly, there are some “prostitutes” who follow a pimp simply because it is what they were taught to do. The […]

Stress-Free Sunday

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned my three weeks of hell. (6 11-hour days!) This is always a difficult time for me for two reasons. I am not used to falling asleep until after 3am and I dislike waking at 7am; the long work hours are not a problem. (I am fortunate to be born with […]

AIDS Is Not For Everyone

****I will only use the word AIDS. For the purpose of this post, everyone who has HIV will eventually move on to full-blown AIDS!****      Sex is great! Well, at least that’s what the consensus seems to be. I can neither confirm nor deny the statement. Unwanted pregnancies can result from unprotected sexual experiences, but […]

You Think You Procrastinate

For me, procrastination is not a character flaw which I have to work on; it’s a way life. I am so accustomed to waiting until the last possible moment, I don’t ever worry anymore. I just know that I will complete the task. I am currently writing this post about two hours later than I […]