Writing Through Writer’s Block

“There was a time, a long long time ago; Chevys and Levies played on the radio…” I know when most of you were children, your parents probably sat you down in the living room, poured you a cup of tea and taught you about writer’s block. I’ll never forget the big day, “son, you can’t […]

Not Hood Enough

Although I grew up in the inner city, I can now look back on my life and admit that I didn’t get the full experience. There were many wonderful opportunities to fit into a stereotype which I missed out on; here is a list of the reasons I believe I am “not hood enough!” Each […]

This Actually Happened – October 15th, 2011

Road To Becoming A Serial Killer If you were expecting to read about a glutinous man who devours an astounding amount of breakfast cereal, you will be sadly disappointed. This is my realization that I am probably on a path to becoming a notorious serial killer. Most people believe serial killers are crazy men who […]

This Actually Happened – September 17th, 2011

How (NOT) To Bag The point of every Saturday’s ‘This Actually Happened’ post is to give me a day off from writing; I usually write one quick paragraph explaining an actual event. This week will be a little different, due to a hysterical event that recently happened on Facebook. For this post, I will dedicate […]

How This Post Got Featured on FP

“Wow, that’s a Bold Title?” Yes, I am confident in my abilities.      First of all, allow me to explain Freshly Pressed (FP). The homepage on WordPress.com features 10 posts each day. There are approximately 500,000 new posts on any given day; the odds of being chosen are almost impossible. Let me see, 10 posts […]