NFL Agreement

This post is not what you thing; I don’t care about the real referees coming back. I honestly don’t understand why everyone is excited to have professionals get the call wrong instead of the replacements. (I must have missed the perfect games that were officiated by Hochuli and his gang of zebras!) My enthusiasm comes […]

small change BIG CHANGE

It’s funny how a minor decision can cause major changes! (The best example of this may be the small decision not to wear a condom!) Those of you who know me well understand that I am old school, for the most part. I listen to CDs from the ‘90s, I have a television which is […]

This Actually Happened – July 9th, 2011

My recent decision to switch from Comcast, back to DirecTV, reminds me of the first time a technician from the dish company came to install the satellite. The guy was from the Caribbean and he had a thick accent, I had to really focus in order to understand his English. I don’t remember his name, […]