A Different Perspective

Christmas is beginning to be my favorite holiday; it’s arguably the most important day in Christianity, but somehow, Santa Claus is more important than Jesus! As an atheist, this is truly the greatest gift Santa ever delivered! (In the battle of mythological heroes, Santa is more powerful!) Many people attempt to justify their failure to […]

Coming this week (26)

For this week, I will continue to review horrible commercials! ********************************************************** Tank Update Shamu has officially completed his one true mission! “What am I talking about?” You ask. He ate a mouse. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really hungry when we placed the mouse in the tank so we didn’t capture the incident on camera; we actually […]

How Quickly People Forget What Is Truly Important

Yesterday, I wrote a silly story about my difficulties with Thanksgiving. (You can read the entry here: No Thanks) The truth of the matter is, Thanksgiving is my second favorite day of the year; no other holiday can compare. Thanksgiving provides us time with family and friends, great food, football, relaxation, and leftovers. (If you […]

The Myth

This entry is the fifth of a series. Heaven’s Angels   A Lesson   The Laws   The Tradition Joan returned on schedule, but I was concerned because she appeared to be visibly upset. She didn’t say hello, in fact she didn’t say anything; Joan just stood in the middle of my room and stared at me, indignantly. […]

The Tradition

Read the first three installments in the series prior to this post.  Heaven’s Angels   A Lesson   The Laws Joan returned once again, but this time, she appeared sans the scary costume. On this night, her mission was to reveal a new tradition to the world. Here is our conversation. Joan: “The Lord wants me to […]