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Welcome to my blog!

For those of you who are new to the site, I suggest reading the following posts. Without reading these previous posts, it will be impossible to truly understand where I’m coming from and why I write!

1. Why I Laugh – June 29th

2. Virgin Birth – June 30th

3. How Writing Helped Me Escape The Halo – July 8th

4. A Conversation With God – July 7th

**Be sure to read the rest of the series**

I Go To Hell – July 14th

The Creation Of The Bible – July 21st

Alien Debriefing – August 4th

The Revelation 3D – August 11th

5. Against The Unexamined – August 5th

Also feel free to read my favorite post – Why I Cry On The 4th of July – July 4th

To learn more about why I write, read – These Things Happen – September 13th

To better understand my atheism, read – From Catholicism To Atheism – July 22nd

Take a moment to read my 100th post: 100 Things I Miss About Being Catholic – October 6th



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