Liquor Land

*WARNING* Do not visit Los Angeles if you have a drinking problem. Alcohol can be found everywhere. I come from Massachusetts, which is arguably one of the most difficult states to acquire a liquor license, but California is the complete opposite. Don’t quote me on this, but I am almost certain that there are only […]

Drunk Texts

Cell phones provide us with a great luxury. No longer do we have to suffer the inconvenience of calling someone’s house and having to speak to a parent. (We don’t have to lie about our true identities when a parent picks up the receiver and asks “Who is this?” Sometimes I would freeze up and […]


I often hear people say, “You can’t use the fact that you were drunk as an excuse!” That’s an inaccurate statement. Alcohol is an intoxicant; it alters a person’s mind state. Alcohol does not make people express “true feelings.” It also doesn’t change a person. The effect of alcohol is simple. Alcohol removes an individual’s […]

Why I’m No Longer Exclusive With Johnnie Walker

Anyone who read my last post understands how I feel about the Fourth of July. The holiday is an emotional time for me, but this year was extremely nerve-racking, due to my blog. There are parties to attend, almost daily, and the amount of drinking that occurs is completely unnecessary. Why do we do it? […]