New Year’s Resolution

I never understood the custom of declaring New Year’s resolution. Honestly, what do people think will happen on this “magical” day? People will spend an entire year, creating as many excuses as necessary, in order to avoid accomplishing goals and bettering their lives. Then, for some unexplainable reason, these very same underachievers will decide that […]

Phone Folks

Usually, my posts are for entertainment purposes only, but there are few instances in which I feel the need to assist my fellow man. (I’m from the ‘80s, before the invention of political correctness so the word man covers both sexes!) This post targets a specific group of people, the dumb-phonies. “Who are the dumb-phonies?” […]

Good Job Equals Good Health

The right occupation doesn’t necessarily mean the highest paying job. Regardless of how much money you earn, a bad work environment will cause you to be miserable. There is no better feeling than getting up and looking forward to the workday. (In the perfect situation, you may even stay a little longer to finish up […]

How This Post Got Featured on FP

“Wow, that’s a Bold Title?” Yes, I am confident in my abilities.      First of all, allow me to explain Freshly Pressed (FP). The homepage on features 10 posts each day. There are approximately 500,000 new posts on any given day; the odds of being chosen are almost impossible. Let me see, 10 posts […]

Omen To The Semi-Dead

If you don’t live under a rock, you are well aware that football season has commenced; Saturdays and Sundays are filled with beers and gridiron battles. September 11 marked the opening day of the NFL season and I, like most Americans, enjoyed watching every single game. (NFL Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone Channel = […]

German Engineering

People are on an unending quest to find the best solutions to life’s challenging problems. (If only it was as easy as copying the answers from the test paper of the student sitting beside you!) The companionship of a trusted sage, one with several resolutions, is optimal for living a fruitful life. Lucky are those […]

Dangerous Advice

I often read the Ask Amy section in the Boston Herald, but I honestly don’t understand why anyone would take life-altering advice from a newspaper columnist. It is fine to Ask Amy about the proper etiquette concerning replying to wedding invitations or an appropriate wedding shower gift, but relationship advice shouldn’t be shared over a […]