A Promise To Azfal – Published and Available

To purchase A Promise to Azfal click on either link: Amazon Barnes and Noble I’m excited. My first novel, A Promise to Azfal, is finally published and available to the public. Completing the book was a satisfying and fulfilling accomplishment. That being said, I was overwhelmed by the support from my family and friends. Soon, […]

Another Step Closer

I reached another step on my long road to becoming the Deli Devil. (If you have no idea what I am referring to, read my previous post: This Actually Happened – October 15th) Step eight: have some experience killing the same type of thing, repeatedly. In my case, I have been an insect serial killer […]

Nominations Are Cool

     Thanks to John the Aussie , I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award. I’ve been posting almost daily for a while and it’s great to see that people continue to visit the blog. The nomination is an honor and I will do my best to continue producing posts which bring some sort […]

Assimilation Complete

I honestly didn’t think it would happen, but my conversion to becoming a West Sider has gone further than I expected. My body has adapted to the new climate and I no longer have the ability to cope with the “cold.” (I am now one of those people who think it is cold when the […]

A Big Change

Due to my schedule, I will be forced to write about the future of rap, next week. I would love to give updates about my new job, but I do not want to risk posting anything that will violate the company policies. (I am all about compliance!) What I can talk about is the fact […]

I Don’t Think I Saw That

I spend a great deal of my free time watching movies. I love all types of films, especially independent ones. The big multimillion dollar Hollywood blockbusters are fine, but I think the studios spend too much money on special effects and creative cinematography, forgetting to generate interesting characters. I’d much rather watch The Pursuit of […]