The Search Goes On

Initially, I wanted to write about a negative aspect of atheism. Unlike the people who believe in heaven and hell, I understand that there is no judgment day coming to the “piece-of-shits” of the world. People like Saddam Hussein, his son Uday, and all of the other evildoers will never have to suffer for the terror they unleashed upon this earth. I can go on and on, but I think this is a simple point to understand. This fact sucks! (I know that some people go to prison and others receive the death penalty, but there should be more. I’m for torture!)

The reason I will not elaborate on my point, is because today happened. I met a real piece-of-shit and I feel like writing about him.

One of the best things about living in Boston was the fact that I had several reliable and honest mechanics that were always there to help keep me on the road. Here in Los Angeles, I am still searching for such an individual.

A couple weeks ago, my car began to make a noise whenever I turned the steering wheel. I didn’t think it was a big deal; figuring all I needed was some power steering fluid. The car was due for an oil change so I waited a day and asked the mechanic to check my fluids.

To my surprise, the mechanic said the power steering level was fine. That was a red flag and I made the decision to avoid his shop in the future. (He really seemed like an honest guy!) I did some research online and found a shop which seemed pretty dependable.

The mechanic placed my car on the lift and immediately noticed some leaking power steering fluid. It was great that he found the problem, but his quote seemed a little high. I went home and looked up the price of the part and it turned out that the mechanic wasn’t lying. (He even gave me a discount after completing the repair; I guess he wanted a customer for life!)

My car was running great and I thought everything was fine. Until my check engine light came on the following day. I’m not gullible so I immediately thought there may have been come foul play going on.

{Completely off topic: DON’T YOU WISH WOMEN CAME WITH A CHECK VAGINA LIGHT? That would be awesome! Hey doc; her check vagina light came on, time for a new one?}

     I had to return to the shop because the mechanic didn’t have enough time to complete the free alignment that was a part of the repair, so I had him check out the engine. He found that a part needed to be replaced on my engine and quoted me around six hundred and fifty dollars for the part plus another two hundred for labor.

I said I would return when I was ready to have him make the repair. The first thing I did was drive home and search for the part, online. Unbelievably, I found the same part for thirty-eight bucks! WHAT A PIECE-OF-SHIT!

I guess this guy assumed he won my trust with the first repair, but he definitely must be a moron because we live in the information age. HOW DOES THIS IDIOT NOT KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE? Needless to say, I will not be returning to his shop! The search for an honest mechanic continues!

***If you’re a mechanic and you live in Los Angeles, and you are not a piece-of-shit, please let me know the location of your shop so I can bring you some business!***

I would ask if anyone in the Los Angeles area knew of a great mechanic, but I don’t want to end up being mad at a mechanic and the jackass who referred him! (Is it sexist to assume mechanics are men?)


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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