The Atheist’s Burden

In 1899, British writer Rudyard Kipling, of The Jungle Book fame, wrote a poem entitled The White Man’s Burden. (I’m not your history teacher, so if you have a desire to learn more about his piece, do your own research!) I’ve never been mistaken for poet, but here is my first poem:

I stole Kipling’s style! (copy is such an ugly word!)


Take up the atheist’s burden—


Seek out the truth revealed—


Read the texts, study the faiths


Until your minds are healed


A godless world is splendid


No war, no hate, no schism—


A godless world is coming,


For joy we’ll sing in rhythm


Take up the atheist’s burden


Logic is what we’ll spread


A new world void of deities


Religion will be dead;


Censorship no more


Free thoughts we all will share


A future shaped by science


Spawning geniuses to spare


Take up the atheist’s burden—


Reborn is how you’ll feel:


The brainwashed will be doomed


Denying what is real—


Our dumb will become dumber


The light they cannot see:


The sheep without their shepherd,


They’ll never let it be


Take up the atheist’s burden-


Prophets led you astray-


Fear not the nonexistent,


 Be wise and never pray.


The unknown we cannot fear


A universe for exploring,


Only one thing is for certain,


Sundays without the boring!


Not too shabby, if you ask me!


I enjoy creating pictures with funny captions, but I tend to censor myself because I don’t think the Facebookers can handle some of my “extreme” ideas. I’m sure I’ll end up not giving a crap in the near future, but for now, I’ll only release the uncensored material on the blog.


Here are my latest Facebook postings along with a bonus one which I decided not to put up.


I know he’s good!


Mommy, why is Jesus sad?




Awkward isn’t the word!


Now it all makes sense!


Thanks, but no thanks!


His sixth sense is amazing!


You bought that lie!



11 responses to “The Atheist’s Burden

  1. Really?! You thought that last one would be too offensive, more so then the one about rape or hitler?! I don’t think so. I think you’ve already gone beyond the line of over the top, so post and keep entertaining those of us that have a sense of humor!

    • Ha ha! I was actually supposed to have it read, “‘god’ inveted pussy and he never fucked,” but I censored it for Facebook and was too lazy to redo it. I thought calling “god” a virgin would cause some people to be upset.

  2. Haha! Anything negative you say about god is going to get ppl that can’t see the humor in it upset so why sensor yourself? If you’re gonna go there, go all the way…that’s what she said! I’m trying to work on my “that’s what she said” lines….some ppl have told me they’re kind of lame. I guess its because if it were up to me I’d use it in almost everything I say! How was that one?!

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