NFL Agreement

This post is not what you thing; I don’t care about the real referees coming back. I honestly don’t understand why everyone is excited to have professionals get the call wrong instead of the replacements. (I must have missed the perfect games that were officiated by Hochuli and his gang of zebras!) My enthusiasm comes […]

New Crusoes

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Paul Crusoe was a devoted husband and dedicated father to his two boys. His wife Carol gave up her career to stay home and give the boys a proper upbringing. Paul earned enough money for the family to live comfortably, and he enjoyed spoiling his three favorite individuals. One day, ten […]

Good Old Marriage Advice

Timothy graduated from Harvard Law School at the top of his class. As expected, every major firm in the country offered him a position. The decision was simple for Tim; “wherever Lucy wants to live is fine with me.” He said. Lucy was Tim’s high school sweetheart and he loved her more than anything; as […]