There Is Nothing To Fear

Recently, I received a recommendation to review an article from The piece was written by Dr. Ken Eisold and titled The Fear of Atheism. Apparently, the United States has more in common with “lesser developed” nations, than other “Western” countries.

Basically, Dr. Eisold believes that most Americans are overly religious and afraid of atheists. The way I see it, believers have it easy and atheism threatens their comfort zone. Whenever believers are met with challenging situations they turn to “god.” This is the mythical character that is all-powerful. Instead of taking control of their lives, believers leave their fate up to their imaginary friend. I guess the reason for turning to “god” is so people can hide behind, “it wasn’t the lord’s will,” rather than come to the realization that they just didn’t work hard enough. (Life must be pretty simple when you have a crutch to lean on!)

I get it; losing faith and understanding there is no higher power, leaves people without their safety blanket. Believers don’t fear atheism, they fear losing their “protector.” We live in a scary world so I understand the need to create an omniscient being who watches over the “good” people. (Some people can face life’s challenges on their own!)

The article is a good read and I found the most fascinating bits of information to be the statistics. Dr. Eisold reports that 48% of Americans would disapprove of their children marrying an atheist; marrying a Muslim, ranked slightly higher with only 33.5% of Americans opposing. (I shed one invisible, all-powerful tear when I read those numbers!)

Dr. Eisold also reveals that atheists are the lowest of the low. A study found that “Americans ranked atheists lower than Muslims, recent immigrants, gays and lesbians and other minority groups in ‘sharing their vision of American society.”

This study is quite revealing. The way I see it, believers are extremely hateful people!

     Another disturbing fact is about the “closet atheists.” Some people are forced to keep the truth to themselves in order to remain members of their respective communities. There are atheists who live in small towns where they are forced to hide their knowledge. The one case mentioned in the article is about a single lesbian mother who lives in a small town, in Texas. (Single? Lesbian? Mother? That’s what I call a three-time offender; I’m surprised they haven’t strung her up, yet!)

***I have never been to a small town in Texas so I can’t really comment, but I don’t hear good things! (If my comment was offensive, forgive me and allow “god” to punish me!)***

     Obviously, this must have been a misprint because small towns in Texas have yet to evolve, so I’m not sure we can group them in with the rest of America. (If you know of someone who is trapped in a small Texas town, do everything in your power to free the individual from their bondage!)

I must be weird because I jump at the chance to tell someone that I don’t believe in “god.” (I guess I just love to see the look of consternation on their face!)


     To believers, I say fear the atheist; for he reveals a truth that you are ill prepared to receive!


Published by Peter Teixeira

First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. The part about “closet atheists” is really sad. I use the metaphor of coming out of the closet when I talk about my (lack of) beliefs, but I’ve never really had to hide who I am.

    Also, you make a good point about how people cling to religion because it comforts them (about death, their purpose, etc.). But I think if they really examined their religions closely it would only make them more uncomfortable!

    1. Thanks! I think people enjoy the fact that there is no requirement to examine a religion, because you’re right; if people took a good look at their belief systems, they would probably become atheists.

  2. C’mon, Pete, I love ya, but gotta believe in something? I personally believe there are no true atheists. Everyone believes in something? Haven’t I heard you mention Karma before? It might not have been you lol, but…nothin? You believe in nothing at all? And don’t talk about the inherent “goodness” of people that ties us together, cause if there is nothing, then there is no inherent about it…if we are only Animals, why do we behave so differently towards the weakest among us (taking care of the elderly, the disabled etc)…I mean I don’t know what the fuck it is….but I have in faith in it, faith in something lol…okay I’m goin on to long…and believe me I respect yer right to claim to believe in nothing and understand logically completely why you have come to that conclusion (especially when you base yer understanding of said whateveritisness on its reflection in flawed human followers)…however I still am not convinced that in the wee hours of the morning, when ya can’t sleep ’cause of some worry, that some times yer mind doesn’t stray towards “prayer”…oh it is to laugh
    Great post you blasphemous bastard you

    1. Ha ha! Thanks! In December, I did notice that my posts seemed to dominate the blasphemy tag on WordPress; I’m just trying to keep that top spot.

      The “inherent goodness” came from the article. I honestly am a living, breathing atheist. I know it may be hard for a believer to understand that but it’s true. I never try to convert anyone, I just share my thoughts, hoping that people will at least take a closer look at what they believe in. Some of my posts may turn people away from religion, but it may also cause someone to become more religious. (After one of my extreme atheists post such as Virgin Birth, I usually see the number of I love Jesus status updates rise on Facebook!)
      The only certain fact is that there is absolutely no “god.” Karma seems to be the creation of man. I do something bad to person A, and five years later, I experience some hardship and people will bring up Karma. Good and bad exists; I’m not going to keep score!
      I wouldn’t say, i believe in “nothing;” I think science is pretty spot on!

      I definitely don’t ever turn to prayer!

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