The Devil Inside

A few days ago, a friend of mine recommended this movie and I agreed to write about my thoughts. In the past, movies about exorcism would scare the bejesus out of me. (Is the word bejesus blasphemous?)

If you look back at most of the exorcism horror films, you will notice that they are pretty boring. The only reason people find them to be entertaining is because believers are scared of the devil. I know I found them to be extremely horrific. I had too many sleepless nights after watching one of these scary movies. (Especially while in Seattle!)

Now that I’m an atheist, I just see these movies for what they are; boring! The way my friend amped up this film, I really hoped it would be good, but I was disappointed. I won’t go into any details other than to say, there was no ending. I know the film was based on a “true” story, but this was a Hollywood film; viewers need an ending. (I want my two hours back!)

There is a corresponding website with facts about the actual case, but I found the material to be lacking when it comes to “realness!” I poked around for a few minutes, but I lost interest pretty quickly.

There were some creative scenes and the possibility to make a better film, but the director either ran out of money or lacked the creativity to push the viewer to the edge of his or her seat. (I almost fell asleep a few times!)

That being said, I recommend this movie. The way I see it, if I had to sit through and watch this lackluster “hit,” you should suffer the same fate! (Who knows, you may actually find the movie to be chilling!)

Officially, I rate The Devil Inside a “SNOOZEFEST” with potential. The entire production crew receives an “I” for incomplete! GO BACK AND FINISH THE FILM, JERKS! (Altogether, watching the film wasn’t a complete loss because I saw a lot of opportunities for scarier scenes. I watched a really good movie called The Devil Inside: Inside Pete’s Head. My version was awesome!)

This is the DVD cover.

     SPOILER ALERT: The lady pictured above plays absolutely no role in the film. She appears for half a second and never returns. She has no lines and there is no mention of her. WHY THE FUCK IS SHE ON THE COVER? (This woman is also on the cover of the film in my head, but in my version, she is possessed and plays a major role. This woman is not only possessed, her body is overtaken by Satan. That’s right folks; the devil is inside this woman! My movie rocks!)



***Due to the fact that I believe I possess the ability to be the greatest rapper alive, I will randomly display my lyrical genius at the end of select posts! (For the record, I don’t want to be a rapper!)***

Why I’m the greatest rapper alive {1}:

The twenties were my dark ages; I was only half bad,

Call me medieval; I saw the light I’m past that! 


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      1. True, but just imagine the actors and everyone else associated with the movie who (probably) thought the movie would do better and are now hugely disappointed. Haha.

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