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My recent inactivity from posting entries is the result of two main factors. First, I broke my phone again and I am back to the dumb phone for a few days. After having the phone repaired, I walked out of the store and immediately dropped the device on the pavement. Not only did I drop the phone, but my momentum caused me to step on top of the newly repaired smart phone. (I know; I’m an idiot!)

Thankfully, there was no major damage to the phone. I initially believed that the android escaped the incident unscathed but I was wrong; there was a large scratch on the top. I did manage to avoid causing any damage to the touchscreen.

Brian was with me and he had a good laugh over my clumsiness. When I finally looked up and began walking to the car, I noticed a middle-aged gentlemen laughing. He was an extrovert and immediately shouted, “I saw that!” I love people with a great sense of humor so his comment made my day. I explained to him that I just got the phone back from “the shop” which caused him to laugh even more. (The citizens of the Los Feliz section of Glendale are OK in my book!)

That day, I made an important decision; I decided that it was time for me to purchase a cover for my android. (Why it took me this long to arrive at that decision is a clear sign of my dumbassness!)

***This is completely unrelated but I enjoyed the Celtics big playoff win, tonight! The fact that I’m writing this post while watching the Lakers get annihilated by the Denver Nuggets is icing on the cake! The city is in complete panic mode and I love it!***

     I purchased a cover for my phone a few hours later and I felt like a new man. The moment I saw my phone, dressed in full battle gear, I knew that it would survive anything. Boy was I wrong! Less than a week later, the phone did not live through a massive fall from the table to the hardwood floor. (These are the moments when I understand why people choose to put down some carpet!)

I can now say that, after watching my phone fall two and a half feet and then slam onto the hard surface, I know what it must feel like to be a loser Patsy fan and watch Wes Welker drop the horribly thrown duck from Tom Brady in the Super Bowl! (Too Soon?)

Clearly, my inability to protect my phone shows that I am Dumb as bricks. Actually, I take that back; the saying makes absolutely no sense. Bricks are not dumb. If anything, bricks are idiot savants. They may not know much about no fancy book learning, but when it comes to being strong enough to hold up walls, bricks are exceptional. They also do a great job when it comes to serving as a tool during smash and grab robberies and serve as wonderful last minute weaponry.

The reason I blame the lack of posting on my broken phone is the fact that I feel I need the phone in order to keep tabs on the blog activity. Without a smartphone, it is also difficult for me to update any new blog postings on my Facebook page. (I must say that being disconnected from social media has been both freeing and frightening! I don’t know how I’m surviving without knowing what random people, who are called my friends, are doing with their lives. I especially miss the really cool people!)

***Unrelated information number 2: Today, I watched the movie Blood In Blood Out for the first time in a while and I discovered that El Pino, the famous tree in East LA (pictured below), is only a few streets away from the company’s main office. I’m heading there tomorrow and I am definitely going to make a detour. I hope the Carnals don’t create an unfortunate adventure for me!***

     The second factor which caused my inactivity is the fact that I just wanted to relax. I have been a little depressed since the great month of April ended and I decided to take a few days to re-energize! (Only 11 months until another fantastic April!) Thankfully, although I always reach a low-point once April ends, I never thought about pulling a Seau!


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First and foremost, I enjoy writing stories. I recently completed my first novel, and I successfully co-wrote a short film script, which won the grand prize in the words made easy competition.

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  1. Wait, so you ask if its too soon to make a dumbass comment about the mighty Patriots (and yes, yes it is, you ass!!) but after the Seau comment you don’t wonder if that’s too soon?! Hahaha! You’re funny!

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